Monday, March 7, 2016

In search of better better person ends up with Bad relationship

You may have a better person in your current relationship,Better continue with that as enough and even though you see a better person more than the current person don't jump over to the new person . It may lead to bad relationship and will end in vain.

Today in this technological world everything comes handy . Example mobile technology ,By using mobile we can get into more relationship and we can also end old relationship in seconds.People are seeing relationship as market place.They sell themselves and buy themselves even though there is no need of trading .Just make yourself satisfied with the person currently you have now and don't go to others by cheating.It will hurt you later.

There should be a valid reason to end relationship and even though it should be legal process according to your national laws and Later go with new relationship .

I you go on searching for better better person means you will not be satisfied in your life time you will earn only hates from others .

to be continued ......