Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to become a perfect sugar baby and find a sugar daddy

My title may be wrong because most of the babes know how to become a sugar baby if not watch this video

Sugar daddies are not to be rich to help you but they should have a generous mind that's the matter.

Why are you wasting your real daddies money when you have a chance to have up a sugar daddy to pay for it.

There are some crowd funding sites may help you to find perfect sugar daddies (Good way)

Most guys used to say I thought her as my Life partner but she used me as sugar daddy (frustration) .

Steps need to know after you found Sugar daddy:

Beware of your sugar daddies legal partner
Try to know his background
Have sex if you have been forced,otherwise you may loose your financial daddy.
Be joyful and playful,
If you stop entertain your sugar daddy you may loose him.
Don't marry him he may have tons of sugar babes
praise him whenever you meet him which will fill up your bank account
Limit up your social media activities,your sugar daddies may watch over you up there.
Don't unnecessarily roam with your boy friend at public places,your sugar daddy may spot you red handed.
Don't just satisfy with a single sugar daddy keep on trying for more ,

Don't hear the words when some one compare you with prostitutes , They are just words ,
you are a sugar babe and really different from prostitutes .you are just seeking help to get over your inability .