Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to become pregnant

"How to become pregnant" is the most searched word and read topic in the internet for years,This is how people are curious about getting pregnant , nothing wrong about it,That's the process of human life chain.
Even piratically I don't know exactly about it but theoretically I know something.

At first girl must qualify (Attend age) by producing egg from her ovary (Hormones Oestrogen) more at . without this process pregnancy is impossible .

We all know fusion of Sperm (male) with Ovam female egg cell leads to pregnancy . There may be millions of sperms but one and only Ovam waits to attach with a sperm .After race When a first sperm touches the ovum cell the pregnant (fertilization) process begins .

Female Egg Cell

every month female body (ovary) produces new egg and releases them out as dead cells so called periods , learn about menstruation cycle (Periods) its very important issue in pregnancy , Without knowing mensuration cycle getting pregnant may take time ,

Sperm only can live upto maximum 5 days according to conditions , While If you are in the first day of after the mensuration having sex may not lead to pregnancy as your egg cell were just born , Therefore you have to wait for the egg cell (Ovum) to get mature before it meets sperm.
Ovulation is a process were mature egg is released from ovary to the fallopian tube where the fertilisation occurs .