Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Economic offence Criminals escape from Indian laws

India has very good  laws with new amendments against Economic offence . Banking Regulation act 1949,Import & Export act 1947 ,Passport act 1920. Like wise there are many old acts .Prevention of Corruption and Economic Offences Act 1999,

While reading those laws it may look bright but while imposing it will fade into dark,
New technical criminals use this acts incapability as their escape route .

We just discuss only about the Economic offence  , Why its called Economic offence ? An economic offence is a socially harmful violation of regulations on economic or financial operations ,

Economic offence destroys social life of a country , It stops the growth of the country.

How its done ? :  Economic offence can be done in million ways , Can't specify the exact path but we can identify it by various easy ways . Basically it is captured as Hawala , Bankruptcy , Money Whitening,Corruption and black money . (Still many are there I don't know about it)
(Even in sports we can do Economic offence)(Even in Child welfare we can do Economic offence)
(Even in armed forces we can do Economic offence)

Then why action was not taken : Economic offence is like spider web when you point out a single person then that person will point out another person and it goes on like this without a end . Basically Economic offence criminals bribe to government officials,Police.CBI,Judges,Ministers and everyone possible even President for their escape , (I should not say this but this is the truth today).

How to stop this : Even though By strong laws we can't stop  Economic offence,But By giving death penalty for Economic offence we can control it.Most of he countries they are giving death penalty for corruption ,

Most of the Economic offence criminals escape from the country and settle in other safe countries and they don't come back to India .

We should not leave them we have to initiate the Interpol and should catch them by Interpol as a International criminal .

UN (United Nations) should declare that countries should not give any asylum to the Economic offence criminals , Even though if they seek support or asylum from their own county. Economic offence criminals should be arrested and returned back to the same country where they came from.

Economic offence sometimes leads to Terror activities , Money from Economic offence is mostly spend on Drug dealing and Terrorism activities .

International Banks should not keep their account in their bank if they are found to be Economic offence criminals (Whatever may be the country) .

Particularly From India Economic offence criminals are having luxury life and lobbing ministers to pass laws for their sake and Enjoy life , If they are about to caught red handed means they just bribe the ministers and they escape from India . Even they are not brought in front of law .

Only Poor people affected by Economic offence done by them.(Price rise)