Monday, March 7, 2016

அக்கரை கை Hand from Ashore

Story of Asylum seekers (Refugees)
அகதிகள் வாழ்வியல்

War in Syria made their own country people as refugees and Due to continuous war they were shattered around the world as refugees .

Israel Palestine conflict made many homeless food less and there is insufficient of daily needs for Palestine people. Gods war and its War for Land .

Burma Refugees,Bangladesh Refugees, Nepal Refugees,Sri Lanka Tamil Refugees and Pakistan Refugees are not a biggest problem in India.Until they were in the Indian media spotlight.

African Refugees to European Union countries ,Risk their life for a biggest travel,Many loose their life on their mid way,Extreme hot Sahara kills them or Later Mediterranean Sea water Swallows them as the result of over loaded boats.

Mexico refugees in U.S. were the biggest economic issue for U.S. it gives worst fear because sometimes drug dealers invade through borders as refugees , U.S shoot them at sight if they spot them crossing the border.

Australia has the worlds worst people in handling refugees ,They just kill refugees in Sea by just capsizing their ships.They don't even give water to drink .They have large inhabited land but they won't share it with other people .They are very strong in handling refugees issues .

and I'm not assuring all other remaining countries are good at refugees , There may be a land to welcome refugees in this world somewhere else, Refugees at each time getting increased and this may also becoming a biggest problem to the asylum providing nation .

No one knows when their own life will turn upside down and they will become refugees in matter of seconds ,So please help refugees atleast by providing them basic needs . Let their children get education and good life,Let them breath the freedom in your homeland.Just give comfortableness to them.World is for everyone .