Thursday, March 24, 2016

Duck face Kisses and Nude Selfie's are making biggest impact over internet

Every morning when we woke up internet world has a new surprise for you , Probably Someone's nude selfie breaking the internet .

Once nude photographs of celebrities are stolen or hacked and leaked on internet but today,
Most of the celebrities,Models,Sports person,Politicians upload their nude selfies over internet through social media to create viral sensation news about them .Now Birthday photographs are mostly nude photographs as they were nude while they were born.Not only celebrities there are some social activists are also uploading their nude selfies as social experiment ,I think Snapchat,What's app has most of the common people nude selfie's which has been shared with their loved ones and friends.Sometime by mistake they share it with other person and that leaks over internet.

Hey I'm talking about both male and female nude selfies,Remember were male nude selfies won't break the internet.

Very soon nude selfie will become a common thing .We were nude that's the truth.Dressing is unreal.
'We came nude and we go nude' that's the real fact.But we should not disturb others who don't like this.

Sorry I can't upload their nude photographs or  videos because my blog may loose creditability.Then adsense may consider my blog site as a Porn site. You just search over the internet I just give out their few names .

"kim kardashian" Top Celebrity in nude selfie,I just searched selfie in Google see her name top in the suggestion list,She releases her nude selfie and breaks the internet whenever she needs people attention,she also earns for her nude selfie's.

Ashlyn Coray
Paris Hilton
Pete Wenz
Miley Cyrus
Prince Harry
Meagan Good
Ariana Grande
Amber Heard
Olivia Munn
Irina Shayk
Amber Rose
Kanye West
Vanessa Hudgens
Cameron Diaz
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Lopez
Megan Fox
Pamela Anderson
Olivia Wilde
Anthony Weiner-Politician sexting nude selfie's

Few names that's all I can give up now .
Hey are you asking for Indian celeb's nude selfie's ? No I can't share it because I preserve it as secret.

You may ask you didn't say about the Duck face kisses , Yes because its a common thing in internet every girl does that,If you don't believe me check out your girl friends social media profile page she may have one duck face kiss image.Enjoy , Seriously males don't try duck face kiss selfie .You may be get slammed on your photo comments .