Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear lovable's Marriage is not Life Security

Mostly people think marriage is a Life security for life time, Actually its a commitment and Attachment towards your most loved person,I mean about  your  Life partner.

In some nations they provide Social security number to identify their citizens ,They use this social security number and provide them benefits of the nation.By using this system they are safe guarding their nationalities wherever they are around the globe.

In some Companies they provide Job securities to secure and safe guard the Job to particular person on behalf whatever the situation occurs , They retain the Job by using Job security.

Such a way now a days people are thinking Choosing a life partner and getting into marriage is a Life security for life time,

In India there are several wedding customs according to their religion,caste and their living area,
They are just different kind of rituals carried by variety of various people during marriage occasion ,
What-so-ever if a couple falls in true love means then rituals and customs are doesn't matter.
even they don't need to get married (Living Together) (we will talk about it later) .

I'm now going to discus only about  Indian Tradition of marriage Life and their break ups.

Why Most Marriages fails (to perform) 
(perform what you mean ? Its not a machine) 
                                      Don't know exactly why most marriages fails but this may be the main reasons, Now a days People think their life partner as a Social security ,Job security and Life security , They don't see the persons inner heart and soul of love , They just marry a person who has and provides life security,Its nothing defined by position,money and wealth,They just want to get settle in good wealthier position and they fail to settle in a happy married life .Choosing wrong partner on parents compulsion also leads to break up in married life ,Ego clashes on some issues between partners may lead to break up , Failure in sexual arousal also leads to break up,For health issues/Accidental damages/Loosing sight/organ damage without any grace they just break up  and there are several facts for to get failed in married life ,Every break ups has its own reasons,we can't go into each facts of break ups I just focus upon the common facts about it.

"They live without mutual understanding and they break up with mutual understanding as divorce" (Kavithai da Krishna (Yennamo Poh) ) .

In past they lived Happily :
                                    In early days most of the Indians had successful marriage life , They even had two partners three partners but they lived happily without any failures in married life ,less populated time and no pressure,no frustration no depression around them no need of extra things , anxiety was very less, People don't worried about their sexual life from their teen age to death they just enjoyed sex whenever they got erections.They don't worried about the world they don't had any competition with neighbours/relatives and they were not greedy on others wealth (Who said ?) yes they had but it was very less,
Mostly there were only arranged marriages were the persons don't know each others before their marriage and they got in bond over night of their marriage day and for till death they were together happily,Most of them had a successful married life in the past.

For a Happy married  Life :
                                                     Some partners are living without seeing each other for months, years.Where they live at different places due to work nature but amount of love in between them doesn't gets decrease.Like this we can witness several happy living partners around us , Questions may arise how they lead their married life so happily because they adjust with each other also they understand each others ability and inabilities,They just carry forward their life even though whatever the situation comes,they never loose their hope and bond on their relationship . Money and wealth is not important in a healthy relationship,If one partner loose his job means they will adjust and the other will run the family they won't express their disappointment towards each other.They celebrate their life each and every moment . They don't try to live a filmy life as we see in love and romance over hyped cinemas .They just move together as friendly.

Everything comes at right time and by the same way Everything goes at right time.
That's the nature of our life.
Enjoy Life 
to be continued.............

Searching for my girl
Krishna Kumar G