Sunday, March 6, 2016

Daily Hotel Food Takers :Freedom of Food

More than 12 years daily I'm eating in Hotel around Tamilnadu  , In between sometimes I'll get House food which is my favourite of all time.

Street food :
I'll say street food are the cheap and  best food ,Sometimes quality of food will be bad and sometimes it will be good more than star hotels

Travel time food :

Restaurants :

Mess Food : 
Mostly it will have regular customers , The owner of the Mess will consider customers as their  family ,So that cooking will equal to house food

House Food: 

Snacks : No problem I've been survived most the dinners with only snacks .Evening is the best time to get most of the snacks ,A tea with snacks is absolute divine

Tea and Coffees : I'll never forget to to taste Coffee after breakfast or sometimes after lunch in hotels.Most of hotels coffee will be good .

to be continued....