Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Caste Based Reservation is not Economic (Financial) status Based Reservation

Just know the difference between them , In India we have the law only for Caste based reservation and we don't have direct law for Financial or Economic status based reservation .Creamy layer is not a term used under Financial based reservation its an inner part of caste based reservation and don't compare it with financial based reservation. Actually in India we don't have a direct law for Financial based reservation what actually you are seeking for. Economic Status based reservation is not Caste based reservation.

I hope you understood , Ask government to create a new law for Financial based reservation which is totally different from Caste based reservation . When we make a new law for Financial based reservation in India, Therefore financially poor people will get benefits from government and private sectors without disturbing the caste based reservation.

Yes Economy status is important in reservation system, But why you should fight with the cased based reservation you just make a new law which gives direct power to Economic based reservation system .No need to intersect both laws because both are different ,Nearly 30% of India's Population is under below poverty line.They need reservation not only on caste basis reservation but also the reservation should be provided with Economic based reservation .

In Economy based reservation no need to verify people with caste , Just have to see their economic financial status of their family annual income . By calculating their financial status with below poverty line make a ceiling scale to provide opportunity to those people who were under Economy based reservation.Don't merge Caste based reservation and Economic based reservation which will give a lot of confusion.Just view only their Economic status and provide them the benefits of economic based reservation, even though if they were receiving benefits under Caste based reservation .

Caste based reservation is under Indian law which provides reservation to the people who were under caste discrimination for years , Who were not given opportunity in many sectors for their caste status even though they are financially rich , They even have Creamy layer to stop the government  benefits for the wealthier and educated people .

Remember Caste based reservation is not Economy based reservation its different , You have been mislead by some groups and political parties , Caste based reservation problem is totally different .

Ask government for new Economy based reservation law

I also suggest stop caste discrimination first and then  ask government for No Caste and give up your caste then  get free from caste system, Instead if you can't do it don't ask government to stop Caste based reservation.

Just Shut up and Go Away

Krishna Kumar G


No Caste is essential but not for the replacement of Economic based reservation .
No caste is essential only to stop caste discrimination

(People asking to stop Caste based reservation are the people who are most affectionate to their caste status and the people who discriminate the lower caste people.If they are really worried about nation development is affected by caste system then they have to give up their caste first)

Facts :

Every SC/ST people wants to eradicate caste system from India due to discrimination but other caste people don't want to do that instead they want to keep the caste system and point out that beneath of SC/ST reservation others are not getting opportunities in all sectors (Government).Actually they are not catching up the main point of eradicating caste system in India .
 After India's Independence still three generations of SC/ST's were affected by caste discrimination. Indian government not yet found the real solution for it . But General caste category people wants to pull all the opportunists of SC/ST's and again wants to make them poor.They can't bare (Tolerate) the upcoming of the SC/ST people, In their life time they using very less opportunities provided by SC/ST reservation laws.