Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blogging Blogger

I never hide anything in my blog, Trying to give out all information as possible and
Don't know where its going to end .........
Don't define me from my blogs, I'm really different.
I really enjoy everything only few knew about it.
You should not judge me from my blogs .
They are different from me.sometimes it reflects me.

I'm not bad and I' not good
don't know when end comes but I don't wait for it,
I just want to complete my life fulfilled,I should not want to leave any balance in this world.

Problem doesn't comes when you are writing in a blog , It may arise when you video blog it..but we can handle it easily .
" Our people know to Tease but don't know to Wish "
I'm writing more blogs (I've not counted yet) and own webpages (very less)
This is the main blog for myself .
*My blog is 18+ not for kids*

(I earn less than a dollar for all my blogs ) (Blog writers won't earn much they do this as service )

Krishna Kumar G