Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bharat Mata Ki Jai or India Ki Jai

Actually what is mean by Bharat we south Indians actually don't know about it , Is it representing other name of India officially ? We know India has only one name as its recognised all over the world.
Is it hindi or Sanskrit word mean for India ?

We Love India we don't know actually where is Bharat & who is Bharat ? .

Bharata Mata (Mother Goddess) Wikipedia
A play by Kiran Chandra Bannerjee, Bhārat Mātā, was first performed in 1873. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay's

Got your point 'Bharat Mata' means 'Mother of India' is it ? Then why can't you say
"India Mata ki Jai" is it hard way to pronounce ? Bharati Sansar ki Problem ? or Bharatiya Janata ki
Problem ?

In Tamil we call it as "Bharatha Thai Valga" same as "Baratha Mata ki Jai" but  "Mother of India" is a virtual motivational figure created during Independence struggle.This virtual motivational figure was created to create unity among people during Independence struggle . After Independence this virtual figure is used only in during motivating patriotism and some political parties worship this virtual figure as a Hindu god , Its their own wish and they should not force others to pray and bow in front of their virtual god . Remember its just an Patriotism motivational figure and its not real god.

The motto Bharat Mata ki Jai’ ("Victory for Mother India") is used by the Indian Army

Someone is trying to divert people from mainstream problems by redirecting people to this issue as the main problem to the nation .National integrity is not actually spoiled but someone is trying to create it as it  has been spoiled and freshly opening up the violence against minority groups.

Remember India is built up with the diverse of people.They have their own language for communication and they have their own god to worship ,Don't spoil the India's diversity by imposing anything against Indian people's unity.

Here sometimes word seems to be the problem so change the word "Bharat mata ki Jai " to "India ki Jai" then people may will like it or not but I can't guarantee that they will like your virtual figure.

We Love India and we know how to love India ,Don't teach us, Don't try to impose your ideology on others.

If you want other religious people to like your virtual motivational figure ?
Try this :
Put Jesus cross symbol then Christians will like it
Put Muslim symbol then they will like it

but you won't do it and then why are you forcing others to worship this virtual figure which is portraying like Hindu God.

Remember to show unity in this virtual figure

There are different types of Bharat Mata's :

The above image which holds Indian national flag is now considered as Bharat mata .

Below image is the 'Bharata Mata' of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and also of BJP political party, It has Saffron flag in its hands which denotes Hinduism and its not the real Mother Goddess of Nation.

Actual image of "Bharat Mata"  1905 Painted by Abanindranath Tagore WikiPedia (Proof)

This is the real image of "Bharat Mata" .

Problem comes from our south Indian Tamil poet "Bharathiyaar" who denotes "Bharat Mata" as Hindu god "Parasakthi"(Durga) as he got vision,Remember He used these words to attract Hindu's to participate in India's Freedom struggle,He himself may not thought it will go like this in future now his words have been mislead by few groups, He was a good writer who also wants unity and equality among people He also even sang "Jathigal illaiyadi Pappa" (Tamil) which means "There is no caste"  Will they impose these words "There is no Caste " in India ? . I ask you politicians ruling India.

"I say real Bharat mata is not in the image its in your home as your mother and sister , If they are safe in this nation in all aspects  then your Bharat mata is also safe" .

India Ki Jai

Krishna Kumar G