Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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I never hide anything in my blog, Trying to give out all information as possible and
Don't know where its going to end .........
Don't define me from my blogs, I'm really different.
I really enjoy everything only few knew about it.
You should not judge me from my blogs .
They are different from me.sometimes it reflects me.

I'm not bad and I' not good
don't know when end comes but I don't wait for it,
I just want to complete my life fulfilled,I should not want to leave any balance in this world.

Problem doesn't comes when you are writing in a blog , It may arise when you video blog it..but we can handle it easily .
" Our people know to Tease but don't know to Wish "
I'm writing more blogs (I've not counted yet) and own webpages (very less)
This is the main blog for myself .
*My blog is 18+ not for kids*

(I earn less than a dollar for all my blogs ) (Blog writers won't earn much they do this as service )

Krishna Kumar G

Dear lovable's Marriage is not Life Security

Mostly people think marriage is a Life security for life time, Actually its a commitment and Attachment towards your most loved person,I mean about  your  Life partner.

In some nations they provide Social security number to identify their citizens ,They use this social security number and provide them benefits of the nation.By using this system they are safe guarding their nationalities wherever they are around the globe.

In some Companies they provide Job securities to secure and safe guard the Job to particular person on behalf whatever the situation occurs , They retain the Job by using Job security.

Such a way now a days people are thinking Choosing a life partner and getting into marriage is a Life security for life time,

In India there are several wedding customs according to their religion,caste and their living area,
They are just different kind of rituals carried by variety of various people during marriage occasion ,
What-so-ever if a couple falls in true love means then rituals and customs are doesn't matter.
even they don't need to get married (Living Together) (we will talk about it later) .

I'm now going to discus only about  Indian Tradition of marriage Life and their break ups.

Why Most Marriages fails (to perform) 
(perform what you mean ? Its not a machine) 
                                      Don't know exactly why most marriages fails but this may be the main reasons, Now a days People think their life partner as a Social security ,Job security and Life security , They don't see the persons inner heart and soul of love , They just marry a person who has and provides life security,Its nothing defined by position,money and wealth,They just want to get settle in good wealthier position and they fail to settle in a happy married life .Choosing wrong partner on parents compulsion also leads to break up in married life ,Ego clashes on some issues between partners may lead to break up , Failure in sexual arousal also leads to break up,For health issues/Accidental damages/Loosing sight/organ damage without any grace they just break up  and there are several facts for to get failed in married life ,Every break ups has its own reasons,we can't go into each facts of break ups I just focus upon the common facts about it.

"They live without mutual understanding and they break up with mutual understanding as divorce" (Kavithai da Krishna (Yennamo Poh) ) .

In past they lived Happily :
                                    In early days most of the Indians had successful marriage life , They even had two partners three partners but they lived happily without any failures in married life ,less populated time and no pressure,no frustration no depression around them no need of extra things , anxiety was very less, People don't worried about their sexual life from their teen age to death they just enjoyed sex whenever they got erections.They don't worried about the world they don't had any competition with neighbours/relatives and they were not greedy on others wealth (Who said ?) yes they had but it was very less,
Mostly there were only arranged marriages were the persons don't know each others before their marriage and they got in bond over night of their marriage day and for till death they were together happily,Most of them had a successful married life in the past.

For a Happy married  Life :
                                                     Some partners are living without seeing each other for months, years.Where they live at different places due to work nature but amount of love in between them doesn't gets decrease.Like this we can witness several happy living partners around us , Questions may arise how they lead their married life so happily because they adjust with each other also they understand each others ability and inabilities,They just carry forward their life even though whatever the situation comes,they never loose their hope and bond on their relationship . Money and wealth is not important in a healthy relationship,If one partner loose his job means they will adjust and the other will run the family they won't express their disappointment towards each other.They celebrate their life each and every moment . They don't try to live a filmy life as we see in love and romance over hyped cinemas .They just move together as friendly.

Everything comes at right time and by the same way Everything goes at right time.
That's the nature of our life.
Enjoy Life 
to be continued.............

Searching for my girl
Krishna Kumar G

Where is the Address book in Gmail Compose mail?

I've spotted this flaw in Gmail
Its a big issue

Basically they have hidden the Contacts page and Tasks in a drop down menu where name Gmail is written.

Hey I can't able to find Address book in Gmail Compose mail section , Nearly 4 years Gmail has this type of mail compose section which pops up in mail box ,Which allows us to compose mail to others or to ourselves,

Sometimes it gives out the contact list names automatically when we start to type their names in Send "To" of the Compose mail.But when you are in slow internet speed it doesn't provides automatically when we start to type few letters of the mail address of the contactable mail id's ,

So I searched for the address book to find the contact name and email id but I've not spotted the Address book inside the Compose section in the mail box, Instead they have separate Contacts page for address book .

Contacts page in Gmail is good and and it has all the informations ,Which allows us to merge the similarities between contacts and gives out various facilities . But we can't able to use this contact list during composing email in the mail box.

There comes a pop up window , when we click the email id in the contacts page ,Which allows us to send email directly from contacts page.But who knows about it ?

We are supposed to open two pages one to send email and other to find contacts in contacts page , I copy contacts from contacts page and paste it in the Compose mail section to send email to the concern contact email id.It doubles the work,

Instead Gmail can drop a Address book inside the Compose mail section , Once it was in the Compose mail section but now its not there, its a huge flaw and draw back for the Gmail and frustration for the users.

Krishna Kumar G

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Not yet found a Girl like Fire

We know some girls are like fire (Lesbians) and I'm not saying about them.
I'm saying about A real girl who leads her life like fire .

I've heard about few of them in Histories,Books,Characters and films but not yet seen them in real life.

In reality I think so there are no one is like fire , No no there may be someone , I may not have been seen them  until  now.

Some prostitutes look bold and act like fire girl but in reality they are not fire girl because they are selling their body for money so they act like fire girl to keep them safe from free loaders and abusers.

Then who is the fire girl ?
That girl may be in your office/neighbour/college or some where else .
How to find them ?
We can't find them until we mess up with them  or Until we see their reflection towards a issue or the society.

may be continued ........

Recruiters are incapable to recruit best Persons (employee)

Currently India need best Recruiters in each company , Recruiters are really incapable and they are selecting wrong persons to their company that causes less productivity and lacks in creativity .So that future development of the company get fails.

India has a large amount of unemployment in all sectors ,Where millions of job position are vacants .
Lack in skill development
Lack in creativity .
Lack in open source .
Lack in Free lancers .
Many talented persons may lose in their job interview instead a person just only has some skill development course certificates gets the job.
Recruiters mostly don't examine the job seeking candidates creativity and knowledge instead they see the reference and experience of the person (Curriculum vitae ).

Jookseekers can find best dream job easily just by doing some make up steps, Yes make yourself prepare for it,Just try to make fake conversation in interview as you know everything (வந்தா மலை போன மைறு ) , Hack phone call interview just by paying someone from the same company or from the same field.Just make them to attend the phone call interview and you may get selected easily, Talk bold whatever  else with eye contact in Group conversations ,Don't forget to make fun,Attitude is important . Don't talk about the public issues if not necessary .

How To Boost Your Confidence In The Workplace
How to boost your confidence in the workplace...Watch the interactive video here:
Posted by Elite Daily on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

May be continued.................

Monday, March 28, 2016

Miss you da..... Dare Devil

என் நண்பனை பிரிந்து நாளையுடன்  ஐந்து ஆண்டுகள் ஆகிறது...

இன்றும் எங்கள் நட்பு இன்று பூத்த பூ போல அழகாய் இருக்கிறது..

என்னால் உன்னை மறக்கவே முடியவில்லை

உன்னை நினைத்தாலே எனக்குள் சந்தோசமாய் இருக்கிறது

உன்னிடத்தில் வேறு யாரையும் வைத்து பார்க்க முடியவில்லை

நீ இருந்திருந்தால் என் சந்தோசத்துக்கு எல்லையே இல்லை

Really Miss you da..... Dare Devil

I Love Buzzfeed community

They are doing a great job

They speak out frankly and user friendly

I Love to see their videos

I like to see people try the new unknown stuffs and their reaction to it

I follow the persons who works in Buzzfeed 

I Love Ashley very much her attitude is great
Allisonraskin and Gaby former Buzzfeed persons now in "Just Between us" Channel.
Something attracts me towards Allison

Saturday, March 26, 2016

We Love Boobs,Who said size doesn't Matters ?

I said we,which means both genders, even girls stare at other girls perfect/imperfect boobs,So all are culprits,Take care of your boobs ,Boobs rule the world.

Everyone knows what is boobs ,because everyone has been breast feed by it, Everyone has boobs its a biological factor ,who care about biology ? leave it , Let see which boob is perfect for Straight,Lesbian and others whomsoever ,

What is Boob : Shut the fuck off ,we know what is boob we don't need your explanation ,Just show the perfect boobs we came here to see this ,
Yes I understood , you're getting late,I will show it below .

Lindsey Pelas

This boob is not perfect boob which fits only in sports bra little bit oversized ,but she has perfect body shape,That makes her boobs into attractive one sorry two,

Then which is the perfect boob ?

Coming to the point exactly we can't define what is perfect boobs ? There are several conspiracy theory about it . Sometimes small one looks cute and big ones looks attractive but normal looks to be perfect ,

Which is normal boob?
The boobs which stands still and fits to bra (I'll search in Google and say the size)
(*-* ) Even without bra (Free Nipples) it should be perfect , It should behave good , Nipples should make eye contact who stares at it .

Find your bra size by using "Third Love" app, Stand in front of mirror take a picture of your boob and find your perfect bra size .Nearly 85% of women were wearing wrong size bra (Study says).

Bra size chart may help you to find the right size bra for your dear boobs

Biggest question is finding the perfect bra size,Still many people don't know how to find their perfect size bras's and I should not worry about it .Dear boobs first Learn to choose your right bra .
              Bra marketing is the biggest industry in this era.Nearly 4 million bras were produced daily.

So today you've decided to go with bra free for a day/week/month/year/lifetime? Discover what nature looks like . Throw your push up bras away for a while .

Free the Nipples : Know about it , Its a campaign setting out nipple free without bra's / Topless .Free the nipples is a mission which empower women across the world , Read about it more here .No censorship for boobs,

Breast Feeding :
Breast feeding is important to children and mother,It reduces breast cancer and Heart diseases.
 In some countries breast feeding in public places is banned ,But they may even also have the law that  everyone (I mean child) should be breast feed.People should be allowed by society that anywhere at any place they can breast feed their children ,No one is allowed to stop them,Nothing wrong Breast feeding in public places,
Every man should be allowed to see his wife giving birth to child and it should be compulsory,That make's them to feel the pain of  his partner and teaches him to respect the motherhood.

Come on we came here to see the perfect boobs , Where is it ?

Wait I will show you .

Breast Cancer : Don't ignore your boobs check it periodically,Touch it feel it if you found any Change in shape,lump or Swollen thing on your breast visit a doctor, Simple Biopsy,Physical screening,  Mammography test may detect your breast cancer,Wikipedia about breast Cancer. Sometimes breast cancer leads to removal of Breasts , Life may face huge changes after it ,So take care of your breasts , (Common problem for South Asian peoples).

We need to see Prefect boobs not about diseases ?
Yes,I will show .

Perfect Masala Boobs :  What is Masala Boob ? In cooking we add masala ingredients to get perfect spicy taste ,Same way of process by adding few ingredients we can make boobs into perfect spicy hot boobs , How ? Some may have very small boobs and they worry about it , So now we have to add some masala to it ,By adding Cups we can cure it temporarily but when it comes to sex act your cups will destroy you by showing your real face, By doing silicone breast implants  your breast will get into normal perfect size and shape.Silicone Breast implants is a Biggest cosmetic surgery industry grown world wide,It costs more.Women with implanted boobs can breast feed their childrens.

Shape and Size (36' 24' 36') :  Only models and actress needs perfect shape and size,They do surgeries to keep them in perfect shape and size ,These 36' 24' 36' are just numbers in inch tape, Don't need to compare your boobs with them,If you have small or abnormal boobs Don't worry if there is huge flow of love from your partner then the size and shape doesn't matters , Your Lesbian,Straight partner and Whomsoever needs only your love and they see only your inner heart , They don't consider about your boobs size and shapes as a big issue , If so means no problem .Enjoy your shape and size , You are perfect as you are .

If strangers (Male & Female)  stares at your boobs all the time don't feel uncomfortable cheers remember your boobs attract them .

Take care boobs
Krishna Kumar G

Ways to prevent Boob sag (Funny ways)
Wear Bra even in shower (prepare for wet T-shirt contest)

Extra Usages of Boobs

keep your Wallet and Safe Guard your money

While you lie down, Rest a bowl to eat snacks,

While you reading a book on bed,Use it as a book stand.

Like this we can use boobs for many purposes rather than its usual works.
Normally Breast (Boobs) is differentiated into seven types according to its shape and size :
View in this image

Extra Boob problems in pictures

"Women born in the U.S.A have by far larger breasts than women in any other country," the report reads. "While women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries, have the smallest breast volumes." - Mandatory website  .
Exercises That will make your boobs bigger : for more read here Cosmopolitan webpage .

(Edited 10 Sep 2016 )
Natural is better :

Video that of Free Nipples , Free Boobing , Going without bra , Free Breast :

Edited on :

Before Super Women I squeezed the same Bra in ma blog and produced Super bras, but Facebook dosn't not allowing me to post this in my wall .. anyhow she have also said the same thing today .
So I've provided the link here : (Blog)
Bra marketing is the biggest industry in this era.Nearly 4 million bras were produced daily.
Actually I started to write about different types of bras but atlast found that there are numerous types more than 30 , even victoria secret employee can't find out exact bras for them .

Edited on :

Small Boob problem ?
This may be a temporary solution


Extra Story to Cover up

But once my girl friend asked (Not Lover)
ஏன்டா சப்ப பொண்ண பாக்குற , (Why are you staring at a girl with small boobs)
I said இல்ல அவ சூப்பர் figure (She is Beautiful).
She Said (GF)
சப்ப figure க்கும் சூப்பர் figure க்கும் , வித்தியாசம் தெரியல நீ லாம் Waste.
(You don't know the difference between super figure and flat boob figure)
I was little bit confused about that girls idea of choosing a girl with boobs size.
She saw only the breast , I saw only the face.
Then who is the culprit ?
Whoever may be I lost the Game .

Krishna Kumar G

Friday, March 25, 2016

How are you ? I asked myself

Ya I'm not fine ,

Seems to be I'm the only person in this world being left alone for not pursuing Pride,Envy,Gluttony,Greediness,lust,Anger and no affection over my life.

Thanks for the persons who hurt me ,
Even though I behaved in good manner,You recognised me as a bad person,Because I don't have much money to prove I'm good ,

I have nothing in my hand , that's the truth .

I was really innocent and happy

Why you came again idiot ?

Do you know you have again made a sin against me , What I've done for you ?
Why you did it to me again ?

It ruins my mind all the time ,

What will happen if you loose Virginity when you masturbate ?

Topic is so fun isn't ? Cheers ... No one will loose their Virginity when they masturbate , Everyone is Masturbating , If so means I've been lost my virginity over thousand times by masturbating ,For males if you forgot to masturbate means it will automatically make your underwear into wet .Hope you understood . Loosing virginity is different and its not caused by masturbating or may be , It comes under sex or come under your thought don't worry about it.
(Important : By hugging and Kissing you won't loose your Virginity)  ( Need a hug ? )

Virginity is a myth , Its an idea of different cultural people , virginity is not an important thing when you really fell in love with someone, I'm not finding any fault on people who loose their virginity at early teens and nothing wrong to say about them . It some time happens and There is no award is given to the people who hold their virginity for so long years I'm one of the example  I've not been awarded for holding my virginity . I've been seduced and tempted by some persons for sex but I myself kept away from them .I myself think that I preserve it for my lovable girl , its my idea of thoughts and it may not reflect with others they may have their own thoughts about it .No fault if you loose virginity before or after marriage its your decision no one can interfere into it , Have safe sex this is important (use condoms) .Think what will happen  if  you got pregnant at you school age,Average age to have baby is 21 (female) and its good for health,

Selling virginity : ho ya people sometimes sell their virginity (search in Google) people publicize themselves online and sell their virginity by auction , By this money they will pay their tuition fees at their university for education . Some sell their virginity for charity ,Some do it for pocket money.
In Brazil,Mexico,UAE,Thailand,India,Pakistan,China,Bangladesh and some south east Asia some people sell their child virginity for prostitution or drugs , Some porn sites pay girls for loosing virginity for the first time in their video mostly it happens in US and Canada (  ) , Mostly handsome and beautiful persons get paid higher in virginity selling auctions.

Virginity discrimination :
Virginity has different meaning or different understanding among different people . Matter is how you accept the people who loose virginity at young age or before marriage , Don't see them different and don't keep them away from society and social gathering .In some religion loosing virginity before marriage is seen as sin , In some cultures people only marry a virgin bride and they see this issue very seriously ,

Some people by chance they get into sex acts at teen age and loose their virginity and some sports person loose their virginity by their physical exercise activities some people loose their virginity even while riding cycle or horse , Some people keep their virginity safe till a century and who worries about it ,  Don't look on to virginity and judge people just see their love and affection on you and how they treat you .These are the things important for a good relationship and virginity is not important thing for a relationship.Its a mindset or thought of a person .

however you may be virgin or not don't worry about your virginity  be free to love others only by seeing their heart and not by seeing their virginity . Cheating husband and wife is a different issue and it does not comes under loosing virginity .We will talk about it later under different topics.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Duck face Kisses and Nude Selfie's are making biggest impact over internet

Every morning when we woke up internet world has a new surprise for you , Probably Someone's nude selfie breaking the internet .

Once nude photographs of celebrities are stolen or hacked and leaked on internet but today,
Most of the celebrities,Models,Sports person,Politicians upload their nude selfies over internet through social media to create viral sensation news about them .Now Birthday photographs are mostly nude photographs as they were nude while they were born.Not only celebrities there are some social activists are also uploading their nude selfies as social experiment ,I think Snapchat,What's app has most of the common people nude selfie's which has been shared with their loved ones and friends.Sometime by mistake they share it with other person and that leaks over internet.

Hey I'm talking about both male and female nude selfies,Remember were male nude selfies won't break the internet.

Very soon nude selfie will become a common thing .We were nude that's the truth.Dressing is unreal.
'We came nude and we go nude' that's the real fact.But we should not disturb others who don't like this.

Sorry I can't upload their nude photographs or  videos because my blog may loose creditability.Then adsense may consider my blog site as a Porn site. You just search over the internet I just give out their few names .

"kim kardashian" Top Celebrity in nude selfie,I just searched selfie in Google see her name top in the suggestion list,She releases her nude selfie and breaks the internet whenever she needs people attention,she also earns for her nude selfie's.

Ashlyn Coray
Paris Hilton
Pete Wenz
Miley Cyrus
Prince Harry
Meagan Good
Ariana Grande
Amber Heard
Olivia Munn
Irina Shayk
Amber Rose
Kanye West
Vanessa Hudgens
Cameron Diaz
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Lopez
Megan Fox
Pamela Anderson
Olivia Wilde
Anthony Weiner-Politician sexting nude selfie's

Few names that's all I can give up now .
Hey are you asking for Indian celeb's nude selfie's ? No I can't share it because I preserve it as secret.

You may ask you didn't say about the Duck face kisses , Yes because its a common thing in internet every girl does that,If you don't believe me check out your girl friends social media profile page she may have one duck face kiss image.Enjoy , Seriously males don't try duck face kiss selfie .You may be get slammed on your photo comments .

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Caste Based Reservation is not Economic (Financial) status Based Reservation

Just know the difference between them , In India we have the law only for Caste based reservation and we don't have direct law for Financial or Economic status based reservation .Creamy layer is not a term used under Financial based reservation its an inner part of caste based reservation and don't compare it with financial based reservation. Actually in India we don't have a direct law for Financial based reservation what actually you are seeking for. Economic Status based reservation is not Caste based reservation.

I hope you understood , Ask government to create a new law for Financial based reservation which is totally different from Caste based reservation . When we make a new law for Financial based reservation in India, Therefore financially poor people will get benefits from government and private sectors without disturbing the caste based reservation.

Yes Economy status is important in reservation system, But why you should fight with the cased based reservation you just make a new law which gives direct power to Economic based reservation system .No need to intersect both laws because both are different ,Nearly 30% of India's Population is under below poverty line.They need reservation not only on caste basis reservation but also the reservation should be provided with Economic based reservation .

In Economy based reservation no need to verify people with caste , Just have to see their economic financial status of their family annual income . By calculating their financial status with below poverty line make a ceiling scale to provide opportunity to those people who were under Economy based reservation.Don't merge Caste based reservation and Economic based reservation which will give a lot of confusion.Just view only their Economic status and provide them the benefits of economic based reservation, even though if they were receiving benefits under Caste based reservation .

Caste based reservation is under Indian law which provides reservation to the people who were under caste discrimination for years , Who were not given opportunity in many sectors for their caste status even though they are financially rich , They even have Creamy layer to stop the government  benefits for the wealthier and educated people .

Remember Caste based reservation is not Economy based reservation its different , You have been mislead by some groups and political parties , Caste based reservation problem is totally different .

Ask government for new Economy based reservation law

I also suggest stop caste discrimination first and then  ask government for No Caste and give up your caste then  get free from caste system, Instead if you can't do it don't ask government to stop Caste based reservation.

Just Shut up and Go Away

Krishna Kumar G


No Caste is essential but not for the replacement of Economic based reservation .
No caste is essential only to stop caste discrimination

(People asking to stop Caste based reservation are the people who are most affectionate to their caste status and the people who discriminate the lower caste people.If they are really worried about nation development is affected by caste system then they have to give up their caste first)

Facts :

Every SC/ST people wants to eradicate caste system from India due to discrimination but other caste people don't want to do that instead they want to keep the caste system and point out that beneath of SC/ST reservation others are not getting opportunities in all sectors (Government).Actually they are not catching up the main point of eradicating caste system in India .
 After India's Independence still three generations of SC/ST's were affected by caste discrimination. Indian government not yet found the real solution for it . But General caste category people wants to pull all the opportunists of SC/ST's and again wants to make them poor.They can't bare (Tolerate) the upcoming of the SC/ST people, In their life time they using very less opportunities provided by SC/ST reservation laws.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Election is Festival in India

From the date of Election Commission announces the Election date the Election festival rituals begins . Do you want to know more about the Indian Election and its process just search in the internet.

What is Election period ?
Its the days between the Election announcing date and the Election result date .

What rituals happens in Election festival ?
Oh wait wait common its different What is Election Festival mean ?

Election festival is celebrated during Election period , Its like a spring festival people enjoy during the election festival , They get bonus money for their enjoyment,They get sweets ,gifts and liquors from the election contesting party .

Election festival rituals are just watching election party meetings with payment of food (biriyani) and money , During Election period political party members come to our house and greet us,with flyers they give money and gifts ,They act like good people we can see this comedy fun and enjoy.We can see people with Microphone and speakers roaming all around in the name of Election campaign , Election commission will watch the political parties  movement and seize their wealth and money if they misbehave with their election rules, These are the things called Election rituals.

People really enjoy during these election festival.

Political parties spend black money from their pocket once plugged from the common people,But during Election festival People get more money from political parties and they spend this money in various ways so that the economy of that place increases suddenly and gives up a boost in financial growth .Economy development increases in India during Election period,Even Election commission says getting money for vote is punishable crime ,its offensive and its against law .

Voter is the important person in the election and common person becomes the voter,They enjoy this festival by being satisfied with their basic needs ,They get good water,good roads during this election period.During election voting day each voter vote for their interested candidates,Their will be tight security arrangement on vote polling station and around the nation even though violence will occur at many places , This violence also one of the part of this festival,Without political party violence polling day will not look good its the iconic part of this festival.

During the Election result day Election festival ends by choosing their most money spend candidate as the winner and that person becomes the ruler of the nation, People distribute sweets ,throw colour powders on each others,they play music they dance and they burst fire crackers ..

Later next day onwards people go to their work as usual and they suffer lot in their life till they have their next Election festival , Probably it will be held on every five years ,Sometimes it happens in between too.

Enjoy your Election festival #Election2016 #India

By a Voter during Election festival

Krishna Kumar G