Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tinder‬ Likes and Super Likes

A girl in ‪#‎Tinder‬ wrote like this.With 6 different hair styles and outfits .
I think everyone would swipe her right because she has a crazy attitude.
(Has a famous Actress name , Age 30)
"Love my morning chai
Hate long walks
Cannot play,sing,write.
Candle light dinners bore me.
Music feeds my soul,
Instagram virgin
Can't eat pizza crust."

(My common Interests with her is)
Infected Mushroom .
I swipe super liked.
he he
"I love laughing like running and hate queueing :)
Also,I have a very sarcastic and dirty sense of humour after I feel comfortable with someone"
(Age 31)

I don't like these words usually Indian girls write in dating sites
"Here to meet interesting people and make friends , no hook ups"
At first you must know its dating site and not friendship site or social media.

If I see these words means I will Dislike them.

Tinder is my Time pass now mostly reading the description and watching their outfits and destinations .
Still no one swiped me right in Tinder .Such a way I look worst in tinder .I'll change my description if I think its became very old.nothing works out as usual ! .