Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This is my Matrimonial page

Seriously if you're a girl and want to share your life with me at any situation beyond ordinary lifestyle ,If so please read this post or leave it,doesn't matters.

Always Special 
(Bunch of my photos)

Name => Krishna Kumar G (As in my current Indian Passport )

Age => 32 {I don't believe in ages (needed above 18 as per law)}

Height => 6 ft {Not above me as its hard for me to look up}

Relationship => Single ship

Hobbies => Never got time for that in between game of life

Habits => Never Smoked and Non Drinker (Teetotaller)
                 Non-Vegetarian but love vegetarian foods

Interests => Travelling,Photography,Blogging and much more will not fit in this little blog space.

Education => Learn to deal with this life and I teach that to others

Job Title => Simply Wanderer and call myself Entrepreneur

Salary => Never got that in my life just earned few things that's all

Email =>

Address => Hot moderate climate Heavy rainfall in winter & No snowfall,

Family Members => Bunch of buddies but they won't have time to disturb me

About my past is called About me : Texted many girl friends but not Tested

Partner Expectation => Want to see a relaxed and smiley face

Now Matrimony became a portrait ceremony in Indian culture
Were we are selling ourselves as Brides and Grooms.
Yes I'm too now on Sale ! (On This Post)

[For Promo Code please contract +919894548319]

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I personally forward this post to 'Dora The Explorer' ,So that she might find me a perfect match in this Universe .Remember if she meets you on her way please don't forget to say this fortune password "Bag Bag", Come on say it again .Repeat until you meet her.

         "Bag Bag"