Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tamil Green foods/Ancient Foods dishes in shops

Few days In search of Green foods in shops
Today tried Grapes Alwa and Banana Alwa both are total nonsense .
I tried many times but can't able to eat more than one "Navathanya adai".
All types of Adai available but can't eat it without perfect side dish.
One "Kelviragu kola puttu" or "Arisi Puttu" is enough for lunch just 30 rs .
Kolukattai 3 pieces 10 rupees .
Paniyaaram Sweet and Spicy are available but you can't go more than 6 pieces (normal person)
mudavakaal soup
Thinai Thosai its like just ordinary thosai
Mudakoththaan Thosai good for heatlh
Samai Thosai don't know what's that
Kichadies will be good for lunch but oily .
more sweets available in natural foods like alwa and kesari don't try this.
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Namakku Soruthaan mukkiyam.
Krishna Kumar G