Tuesday, February 23, 2016

She was user friendly

One of the best person I've crossed in my life
She was a good friend of mine
wonderful and beautiful person
I admire her works

The way she spoke to me was wonderful until that never got a friend like that person .
She taught me to write Journals in right way  ,She encouraged me in all mean ways .

I know one day I will miss her because we both knew were travelling in different paths . That friendship was a intersection of two hearts and we know which will not last longer.

It was a beautiful time,She calls me in early morning and starts the conversation and it will go on just like that till night meanwhile I will do my work and she too.it was just like that.
The only girl I spoke about politics,books,sports and everything,she has good knowledge I've learnt lot from her. We both were in our Teen college days.

Mostly we will fight because we don't like our  friendship so we want it to end it up all the time but it was continuing beyond our fights.

Later one day we were really separated due to a situation.Both cried a lot .don't know why because we were already wanted to be separated and that day came to us nearer.We both said I'll not forget you and no words we got separated .

Today after long time saw her facebook profile she looks wonderful with  kids and seems to  be happy ,Wow what a wonderful person she was.

Funny girl became Mom .. so nice to see her with kids  :)

Life is beautiful