Monday, February 15, 2016

India between Democracy and Feudalism faraway from Communism

India Constitution/Laws talks about Democracy legal rights to everyone but Government runs on Feudalism..
World leaders call India as largest and greatest democratic country.
Indian people are mostly judged by their election process and not by their social and economic process.

In past India was rich in their cultural and religious process they had their own education system in that they leaded with Arts,Science,Maths,Astrology,Engineering and Medicine ,They had vast knowledge in every field . Their system of ruling was a lesson to the world,Their war strategies are mind blowing one they performed wars like an art.After Mughals and British rule in India these knowledge and techniques were vanished from Indian people,But a country called India was formed during British rule by uniting states of kingdom and rulers.

Now today they are empty old bowls they are now filled with new wine,They forgot about their past due to 700 years of continuous Mughals and British rule but they remember and hold only on caste and religious system which is a useless one but this caste is still used to rule people in form of democracy,High caste people  are nearly 20% in India,They are well rich in their noble status and having good economic background they are the people who rule the remaining 80% low caste population in India.This is what I denote as Feudalism.

Advantage after British rule was Kings and Emperor system was abolished in India but they intentionally influenced old Indian caste system into the people and kept them separated This helped them to rule the people.Even after British rule in India this caste system still exits.

India is faraway from Communism, India has a great social infrastructure and there is no need of revolution like that happened in European countries ,Here people are kept separated by rulers in means of  caste and religion so that they will not combine together for any protest against them (rulers)."Caste system still remains in India because it brings 80% of them opportunity in Education and Jobs" so people hold on to that tightly on other hand It brings power to 20% of them to  rule India.

India has Communist political parties which is called Left parties,They are facing elections and ruling state government in Democratic ways,This means Communism is failed in India due to their act of Democratic process.Few rebel and revolutionary groups arise in few parts of India under Communism at certain times but its suppressed by democratic government .

At last democracy wins and rules India,The meaning of democracy is remain confused when it is ruled by fascist and racist people.We Indians love democracy but we don't like Feudalism rulers.

Even Communists can rule India in future but their Communism can't, That's the special thing to say about Indian Democracy .

If you understood what I say and want conversation with me
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KrishnaKumar G