Sunday, February 7, 2016

For Facebook post critics

I know what I post in fb and what I don't .

and I can't post what you expect and

don't judge me from what I post

if so means you are Ignorant

(Very less friends I've in that 6 to 8 real life unknown persons remaining are well known ones)

I say this because for various reasons,How people are understanding me and trying to judge me from my fb posts,
 Last year 2015 I've received three blocks in facebook (fb)
two from my close girl friends and one from my relatives  but they are still in touch over my phone or in other platforms and I meet them whenever I want .They think fb is my other world and its not real of me and it may be right.and
Sometimes few friends insisted me to post about their satisfactory ideas in my fb wall  but I've just ignored those things because I like to post only what I think.

Sometimes I've diverted people by revealing my fake feelings and fake news and sometimes I've tested people in all ways how they respond to a mean post .From by those responses I've learned many things ,Even I've got many new ideas from that,I've used those ideas in my business strategies and politics.

Its not mean that you should have block me in fb for no reason,If so you are ignorant.

I share many things in fb which may hurt your feelings or sentiments ,Even though you bare it and you ignore those post or sometimes you respond to it, and I like those conversations because it teaches me new things .
I like the post whatever I really like it whole heartedly.I really have a child nature inside me but I behave like a adulthood person that becomes the problem here.

I love you and thank you all for having me in your fb friends list I always feel its a prestige for me.

I respect you.

Krishna Kumar G

I don't care about What's app because  I'm not using it now
 (If so means it will be only for my future businesses and dealing with it is none of your business )