Monday, February 29, 2016

What ? I won't delete my Facebook

My facebook account is associated with my webpages
My facebook pages are interlinked with respective blogs and websites..

Its not possible to do that..If I delete my fb account means all the fb pages will be deleted and I will lose all my fans connected to my websites ..I won't do this...

I use my facebook mostly to read Trending news , Share my thoughts,Play Games and to Like my friends status.

If you don't like me in fb means I will cut two things, Sharing my thoughts and Liking my friends status ..

But I will read the Trending news because its essential for me to keep myself updated .

Still you don't like me in fb means what shall I do ?
Yep this is your problem isn't it ?

You  can Unblock me here right now

I don't want to share anything in my fb profile from Today

Few Important Emergency posts has exclusion in it.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tamil Green foods/Ancient Foods dishes in shops

Few days In search of Green foods in shops
Today tried Grapes Alwa and Banana Alwa both are total nonsense .
I tried many times but can't able to eat more than one "Navathanya adai".
All types of Adai available but can't eat it without perfect side dish.
One "Kelviragu kola puttu" or "Arisi Puttu" is enough for lunch just 30 rs .
Kolukattai 3 pieces 10 rupees .
Paniyaaram Sweet and Spicy are available but you can't go more than 6 pieces (normal person)
mudavakaal soup
Thinai Thosai its like just ordinary thosai
Mudakoththaan Thosai good for heatlh
Samai Thosai don't know what's that
Kichadies will be good for lunch but oily .
more sweets available in natural foods like alwa and kesari don't try this.
‪#‎DailyHotelEaters‬ ‪#‎GreenFoods‬ ‪#‎Tamilnadu‬

Namakku Soruthaan mukkiyam.
Krishna Kumar G

Tinder‬ Likes and Super Likes

A girl in ‪#‎Tinder‬ wrote like this.With 6 different hair styles and outfits .
I think everyone would swipe her right because she has a crazy attitude.
(Has a famous Actress name , Age 30)
"Love my morning chai
Hate long walks
Cannot play,sing,write.
Candle light dinners bore me.
Music feeds my soul,
Instagram virgin
Can't eat pizza crust."

(My common Interests with her is)
Infected Mushroom .
I swipe super liked.
he he
"I love laughing like running and hate queueing :)
Also,I have a very sarcastic and dirty sense of humour after I feel comfortable with someone"
(Age 31)

I don't like these words usually Indian girls write in dating sites
"Here to meet interesting people and make friends , no hook ups"
At first you must know its dating site and not friendship site or social media.

If I see these words means I will Dislike them.

Tinder is my Time pass now mostly reading the description and watching their outfits and destinations .
Still no one swiped me right in Tinder .Such a way I look worst in tinder .I'll change my description if I think its became very old.nothing works out as usual ! .

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

She was user friendly

One of the best person I've crossed in my life
She was a good friend of mine
wonderful and beautiful person
I admire her works

The way she spoke to me was wonderful until that never got a friend like that person .
She taught me to write Journals in right way  ,She encouraged me in all mean ways .

I know one day I will miss her because we both knew were travelling in different paths . That friendship was a intersection of two hearts and we know which will not last longer.

It was a beautiful time,She calls me in early morning and starts the conversation and it will go on just like that till night meanwhile I will do my work and she was just like that.
The only girl I spoke about politics,books,sports and everything,she has good knowledge I've learnt lot from her. We both were in our Teen college days.

Mostly we will fight because we don't like our  friendship so we want it to end it up all the time but it was continuing beyond our fights.

Later one day we were really separated due to a situation.Both cried a lot .don't know why because we were already wanted to be separated and that day came to us nearer.We both said I'll not forget you and no words we got separated .

Today after long time saw her facebook profile she looks wonderful with  kids and seems to  be happy ,Wow what a wonderful person she was.

Funny girl became Mom .. so nice to see her with kids  :)

Life is beautiful

I feel alone

I feel alone ...
I was about to  go for a hike today and without money to buy basic needs I can't able to make it.
need money for many things .
I will get Ads payment on next two days . But today no money in my hand and no one is giving me money today.
I always don't have money and this is not the reason for I felt alone .

Monday, February 22, 2016

Inability of Gender equality in choosing life Partner / Marriage

From past centuries women were made to live dependent to men but today life has been changed and women started to live themselves and there is gender equality in  various fields were women are treated equal to men,In some or most  criteria women are ruling the organisation and government .

Ability of Gender equality :
                                                  Women achieved gender equality from the inability of men at certain fields on other hand they rebelled to get this equal rights,Few countries have seen this revolution in 19th centuries Women got down into streets to protests for their equal rights. At last they achieved their goal but in certain fields they were not given equal  salary for the same work which was done by Men . Man gets higher salary than women for the same work.

Inability of Gender equality :

Misuse of Gender equality :

      continued .............

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thisaigal Thinarattum Ungal Muthathaal

One upon a time 10 years back lifted an old paper from my wallet to get an autograph to PA.Vijay (Tamil film Song Writer) and he found that I have written something crazy on it and he autographed it with same quote that was interesting.
Good incident I meet him in Koyembedu bus stand (Chennai) , He was not much popular at that time,I said "Udaintha Nilakal " book was nice..and talked about Madurai film songs,He said he has written new songs in "Ayya" movie which will become super hit.I said you look good why can't you act,He said that time..he interfered and asked me did she is your lover...(A girl was with me)  I said no...she said same time.he laughed and wrote like this "Thisaigal Therikkattum Ungal Muthathaal" later I confirmed him that she is my friend only...while I was travelling with him in bus towards Neyveli....
Don't ask who is she bocz I never meet her afterwards and don't know where she is ..loosela vidunga...!

Those days are unforgettable
I like to share this this  have many interesting incidents ..I'll share it whenever possible.

Monday, February 15, 2016

India between Democracy and Feudalism faraway from Communism

India Constitution/Laws talks about Democracy legal rights to everyone but Government runs on Feudalism..
World leaders call India as largest and greatest democratic country.
Indian people are mostly judged by their election process and not by their social and economic process.

In past India was rich in their cultural and religious process they had their own education system in that they leaded with Arts,Science,Maths,Astrology,Engineering and Medicine ,They had vast knowledge in every field . Their system of ruling was a lesson to the world,Their war strategies are mind blowing one they performed wars like an art.After Mughals and British rule in India these knowledge and techniques were vanished from Indian people,But a country called India was formed during British rule by uniting states of kingdom and rulers.

Now today they are empty old bowls they are now filled with new wine,They forgot about their past due to 700 years of continuous Mughals and British rule but they remember and hold only on caste and religious system which is a useless one but this caste is still used to rule people in form of democracy,High caste people  are nearly 20% in India,They are well rich in their noble status and having good economic background they are the people who rule the remaining 80% low caste population in India.This is what I denote as Feudalism.

Advantage after British rule was Kings and Emperor system was abolished in India but they intentionally influenced old Indian caste system into the people and kept them separated This helped them to rule the people.Even after British rule in India this caste system still exits.

India is faraway from Communism, India has a great social infrastructure and there is no need of revolution like that happened in European countries ,Here people are kept separated by rulers in means of  caste and religion so that they will not combine together for any protest against them (rulers)."Caste system still remains in India because it brings 80% of them opportunity in Education and Jobs" so people hold on to that tightly on other hand It brings power to 20% of them to  rule India.

India has Communist political parties which is called Left parties,They are facing elections and ruling state government in Democratic ways,This means Communism is failed in India due to their act of Democratic process.Few rebel and revolutionary groups arise in few parts of India under Communism at certain times but its suppressed by democratic government .

At last democracy wins and rules India,The meaning of democracy is remain confused when it is ruled by fascist and racist people.We Indians love democracy but we don't like Feudalism rulers.

Even Communists can rule India in future but their Communism can't, That's the special thing to say about Indian Democracy .

If you understood what I say and want conversation with me
I'm free to Talk about it

KrishnaKumar G

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to get rid of your old Girl friend and go with new one

Well this is biggest question among Indian guys quite not discussed in public platforms.Here basically Men's are there without a single girl friend and this post is not for them.This is for the person who has one or more girl friends and wants to stayed away from a particular ridiculous girl friend .

 Normal break up formula won't work out instead this will make your relationship bond more stronger than the past,If you directly hate them it will cause a serious problem in other unexpected  ways.

So what had to be done

  (Continue ........I've work now.....wait)

This seems to be a biggest problem  for committed men or married persons

  (Continue ........I've work now.....wait)

Even girls don't know how to break up without any problem

  (Continue ........I've work now.....wait)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

For Facebook post critics

I know what I post in fb and what I don't .

and I can't post what you expect and

don't judge me from what I post

if so means you are Ignorant

(Very less friends I've in that 6 to 8 real life unknown persons remaining are well known ones)

I say this because for various reasons,How people are understanding me and trying to judge me from my fb posts,
 Last year 2015 I've received three blocks in facebook (fb)
two from my close girl friends and one from my relatives  but they are still in touch over my phone or in other platforms and I meet them whenever I want .They think fb is my other world and its not real of me and it may be right.and
Sometimes few friends insisted me to post about their satisfactory ideas in my fb wall  but I've just ignored those things because I like to post only what I think.

Sometimes I've diverted people by revealing my fake feelings and fake news and sometimes I've tested people in all ways how they respond to a mean post .From by those responses I've learned many things ,Even I've got many new ideas from that,I've used those ideas in my business strategies and politics.

Its not mean that you should have block me in fb for no reason,If so you are ignorant.

I share many things in fb which may hurt your feelings or sentiments ,Even though you bare it and you ignore those post or sometimes you respond to it, and I like those conversations because it teaches me new things .
I like the post whatever I really like it whole heartedly.I really have a child nature inside me but I behave like a adulthood person that becomes the problem here.

I love you and thank you all for having me in your fb friends list I always feel its a prestige for me.

I respect you.

Krishna Kumar G

I don't care about What's app because  I'm not using it now
 (If so means it will be only for my future businesses and dealing with it is none of your business )

Saturday, February 6, 2016

I want to disappear

I  always want to disappear from everyone eyes
I don't like to see people getting hurts due to my presence,Let them live happily .

I will go somewhere else

This is my wish now

But no other way I'm staying here right now .
I've lots of works to do.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This is my Matrimonial page

Seriously if you're a girl and want to share your life with me at any situation beyond ordinary lifestyle ,If so please read this post or leave it,doesn't matters.

Always Special 
(Bunch of my photos)

Name => Krishna Kumar G (As in my current Indian Passport )

Age => 32 {I don't believe in ages (needed above 18 as per law)}

Height => 6 ft {Not above me as its hard for me to look up}

Relationship => Single ship

Hobbies => Never got time for that in between game of life

Habits => Never Smoked and Non Drinker (Teetotaller)
                 Non-Vegetarian but love vegetarian foods

Interests => Travelling,Photography,Blogging and much more will not fit in this little blog space.

Education => Learn to deal with this life and I teach that to others

Job Title => Simply Wanderer and call myself Entrepreneur

Salary => Never got that in my life just earned few things that's all

Email =>

Address => Hot moderate climate Heavy rainfall in winter & No snowfall,

Family Members => Bunch of buddies but they won't have time to disturb me

About my past is called About me : Texted many girl friends but not Tested

Partner Expectation => Want to see a relaxed and smiley face

Now Matrimony became a portrait ceremony in Indian culture
Were we are selling ourselves as Brides and Grooms.
Yes I'm too now on Sale ! (On This Post)

[For Promo Code please contract +919894548319]

Post Forwarded To:

I personally forward this post to 'Dora The Explorer' ,So that she might find me a perfect match in this Universe .Remember if she meets you on her way please don't forget to say this fortune password "Bag Bag", Come on say it again .Repeat until you meet her.

         "Bag Bag"

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Being a Global citizen

Yes I'm an  Global citizen
I'm tolerant as I can accept anything  and I can mingle with people easily and I can understand and I can adopt to any situations

If you are a global citizen and belong to a global community join with me to change the world .

What is Global citizen ?

Be friendly Be Tolerant Be Free to accept any situation Be free to share ideas and thoughts

for further answer go to this Wikipedia link you will get an idea.

You may be from any nation or community that's not matter just leave them behind you and learn to be a Global citizen .

Spread peace around the world

Free Thinker
Krishna Kumar G

Fb and me with future AI

I sense human AI
reading our private post
not unexpected I engaged it to happen to prove it,
Without Indians 1 billion on other products would be his dreams .
facebook for work apps
facebook page manager apps
facebook groups apps
fb messenger
Event manager app
Oculus (Indians can't afford it )
Whats app (only Indians engage in it)
internet .org (holy crap) 10 rs per week is called free internet [This don't work on most networks]

This will be the last
Stocks will be down on next year
Blue chips broken


Be innovative or give chances to people who can do it
They are ready to sell the idea and you can code for it,Where they don't want to learn code.

Monday, February 1, 2016

MGR a Magic Word in Tamilnadu History

                        MGR (MG Ramachandran) a magic and powerful word in Tamilnadu by pronouncing this word in Tamilnadu you can achieve anything even a Chief minister post. He was an actor politician chief minister and god for people of Tamilnadu. He was honoured by Barath Rathna which was highest and greatest award in India.
His personal life may consists of many rumours but despite that he was deeply loved by the people of Tamilnadu especially poor people saw him like a god.

Wikipedia page about MGR