Monday, January 4, 2016

How Social media can be utilized by Terrorist and Hackers

Today Social media is the gateway to contact your friends and the rest unknown people around the world.You can learn many new things happening around the world through social media and you can share your thoughts to the world by social media.
Same way social media can reveal your privacy in a matter of seconds to the world of unknown people.Which will put you in  lot of trouble.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI),Virutual Reality (VR)  are the newest technology which will read your mind and act on basis of your response.
 If you upload a photo on Social media AI will read the whole image as where and when it was taken and the nature of the person in the image .Even after you upload a different photo of you which was taken in different location and time the AI will match both the image in seconds and identify the person in the image and it will tag your details on that image.Once you upload your photo and details in social media then you are not a secret person .You have to remember your details are in public already.same thing happens for Voice and video uploads.

Spy's and Hackers use this technology to identify a person but beyond this they identify the people in simple easy ways , That are social media Honey Traps .we are responsible for this.

Social media Honey Traps are nothing but its a common one in social media where we upload our personal details in the form of updating the profile.This becomes the Honey Trap.
We are producing our information to public and even though you keep your details in private mode in social media the respective company can see your details and can be sold/shared to ad agencies and then it can be transferred to the spy's and Hackers  .

Spy's and Hackers can taken away your information and they can do anything they want.
Main thing they will make fake identity by using your information and steal your money from your bank account.Its a common thing all around the world . But sometimes its used by terror groups to perform terror activities by using your identity .They will buy Sim cards in your name and address using your photo identity and make threat calls and use them to perform terror activities .
Not only this they will enter country borders by using your identity  .

So don't upload your all original details in social media.Just chat and share with your friends and don't share anything with unknown people.

If you use social media for hook ups just don't go beyond it.sometimes you may be kidnapped or will be killed while you going to meet the unknown person.

Even people can be diverted by spreading fake news in social media.Don't believe everything which posted in social media test the news once or thrice by other sources available.

Please Unfriend and Block users who are unknown to you remove them from friends list .Just keeep in touch with the well known people.Where you can mingle safely .

Teach children's how safely to use social media and Apps .So that they may be out of danger.

Remember your Clicks,Scrolling and Staring at post are noted by AI and send to marketers from them ads are generated and appeared while you surfing on social media.Here everything is money and made from marketers . If you are in social media your at in a VR market place .You are travelling in the Virtual world without your knowledge .

I think you got my point

Take Care Bye
Krishna Kumar G