Monday, January 4, 2016

Tamilnadu Boys on Internet 2016

We people believe in Sunny Leone and hate attention starving girl Poonam Pandey .

 Going to reveal the secrets of Tamilnadu boys on Internet . Let we discover what they surf over internet  on year 2016.

 They are cinema freaks therefore they watch all kind of movies available in Internet there is no language barrier for them.
Same formula is used in watching xvideos and xnx videos .
Its a common thing when Tamil boys watching over the internet but last few years they moved to a new track which was never seen before .

They are watching Serials yes they are addicted to Tv serials !
You may get surprised but that's true , Hey wait you got it wrong,They don't watch that dumb ass Tamil Tv Serials from Sun Tv or Vijay Tv but they are watching Hollywood based serials, HBO serials , They watch all the episodes from each serials.They are even watching old serials and they are enjoying it,They mostly watch Comedy,Psycho thrillers,Fantasy and Romatic types of serials.

I will list them below

Breaking bad
Game of Thrones (They are eagerly waiting for new episode to be released)

 (will be continued........give me time to post this don't rush me boys.....)