Saturday, November 21, 2015

Non-Existence of Public Telephones

One decade before India was full of Public Telephone booths (PCO,STD,ISD).Govt of Telecommunication introduced One India One Rupee.Call India at one rupee (One Rupee Coin Booth). Many Public Telephones were brought to use for common people ,These types of public phones spread to Cities, Towns and Villages,Malls to Small shops,Bus stops to Airport. People were using it for various communications and it went great and successful .

Entry of mobile phone slowly degraded the use of Public Telephones in India after a decade 2015 no public telephones were found in most of the Cities,Towns and Villages, Already we have closed the Telegram system in India.and now we have no common communication devices.

Is It good that there is no Public telephones at public places.No its a bad thing

In Emergency you cannot contact anyone ,Even though we have mobile phones There should be public telephone booths.In state of Emergency Public communication is essential

During Thane Cyclone in 2011 Dec 30 we get out of electricity for more than seven days and our mobile phones went out of charge on day 2 later we struggle to communicate for anything we needed.We felt that we just went to a stone age at a matter of time.On that time I searched for public telephone and I didn't found a single public Telephone on my area .

Let I give another example if you are in Travelling to a place and imagine your phone gets out of battery and you are at a new place and you just want to contact someone by phone call ..what will you do.Yes you will search for public telephone booth but now its not there.Then what will be your option .Will you go and beg to others for a phone call by asking their mobile ? How many are willing to give you ?

Like this above story there are many reasons to justify this fact

We need public telephone on all public places or at all government offices and all bus stops ,Whatever the call cost it should be installed immediately