Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blocked True Love

I thought she went off and So I kept me away but my larling just blocked me away ...ha ha it was unexpected so called fun.."Issue happened last month 16 October but yesterday only now I noticed it.
I'm really innocent about this issue . I thought it was a simple matter but it is hurting me at every corner.

I came down to earth to give you hands and make you rise up.
I committed my true love and started to express it but I was blocked in the beginning itself ..
Ok I accept it and it was not the first time I'm experiencing it and hope you too.We both have a long untold history.We will easily understand the facts running around us.

I think Only a single word I spoke to you "Hello" after a decade.On a unexpected unknown phone call...After a long time you heard my voice just recognized me easily with that single word that's enough.Where I stand there.

Congrats & hope You may come back and you will.
Enjoy the life and have fun.
I'll wait for you....Hope its God's plan....nothing can stop this.
All time single is now single again.