Saturday, November 21, 2015

Non-Existence of Public Telephones

One decade before India was full of Public Telephone booths (PCO,STD,ISD).Govt of Telecommunication introduced One India One Rupee.Call India at one rupee (One Rupee Coin Booth). Many Public Telephones were brought to use for common people ,These types of public phones spread to Cities, Towns and Villages,Malls to Small shops,Bus stops to Airport. People were using it for various communications and it went great and successful .

Entry of mobile phone slowly degraded the use of Public Telephones in India after a decade 2015 no public telephones were found in most of the Cities,Towns and Villages, Already we have closed the Telegram system in India.and now we have no common communication devices.

Is It good that there is no Public telephones at public places.No its a bad thing

In Emergency you cannot contact anyone ,Even though we have mobile phones There should be public telephone booths.In state of Emergency Public communication is essential

During Thane Cyclone in 2011 Dec 30 we get out of electricity for more than seven days and our mobile phones went out of charge on day 2 later we struggle to communicate for anything we needed.We felt that we just went to a stone age at a matter of time.On that time I searched for public telephone and I didn't found a single public Telephone on my area .

Let I give another example if you are in Travelling to a place and imagine your phone gets out of battery and you are at a new place and you just want to contact someone by phone call ..what will you do.Yes you will search for public telephone booth but now its not there.Then what will be your option .Will you go and beg to others for a phone call by asking their mobile ? How many are willing to give you ?

Like this above story there are many reasons to justify this fact

We need public telephone on all public places or at all government offices and all bus stops ,Whatever the call cost it should be installed immediately

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Terrorism Links to Nations Development

Hunting Suspect of Human bombing
Investigation of Attacks
Agents under cover operation
Terrorism Links
Sleeper cells
Trade under Terrorism
Religion and Community is used as the source of Terrorism

Yes Terrorism is the main source of nations development.There are various example to prove this.
There are many terrorist attacks happened in the past century but we just leave it but don't ignore it,and Lets discuss it from the year 24 Dec 1999 Kandahar plane hijack of "Indian Airlines Flight IC 814" The plane was hijacked from Nepal to Kandahar including in between three country landing and people were kept as hostage for seven days at last ended with release of three terrorist from prison by Indian government. These Three terrorist since then have links to 9/11 Twin tower attack ,Mumbai Terror attack and several Terrorism activities all over the world,They are not Talibans or Al Qaeda's.
They are different Islamist groups of Pakistan and Indian based but they funded to 9/11 attacks which was held by Al Quaeda under the leadership of Osama bin laden.Who was again killed by US navy seal insurgent attack in 2011,Later there were few sleeper cell attacks held all over the world but it was brought under control by several nations anti terrorism joint work.

After that,The world became silent there were no trade and there were financial crisis .Many countries came to peace talks but suddenly there was a start of new terrorist attacks in Iraq,Syria and few middle east nations in the new name of ISIS, New Islamic group of Terrorist started its attack on Oil fields of Syria and Iraq people living in those countries were scattered and killed by extreme bio weapons .Even bio weapons were not found in during Sadam hussein rule over Iraq,Several raids were made during that time to prove this by US and UN.The country don't have bio weapons at that time but now it has under the hands of Terrorist .

ISIS and OIL Trade to World :

       According to various sources ISIS has four big  oil fields and one oil refinery under its control.ISIS group of terrorist recruiting Engineers and workers to its oil fields with high pay salary.They sell Crude Oil at a price of  25$ to 30$ per barrel were actual market price is $ 41 per barrel . So Trucks from Iran Turkey Egypt and several European countries come to this Oil fields and wait in long queue to fill there tanks.Even they wait for a month to fill their tanks in trucks.So they get cheap oil under ISIS terrorism regime Syria .

         Now US enters the game in attack of ISIS terrorist and kills many civilians in air strikes and creates new Rebel groups against ISIS and gives them weapons and training .On the Northern side Kurdish regime were ISIS mostly don't go there for several reasons .There were a year of undeclared war against ISIS by US joint forces , were France deployed most of its forces , They killed millions of Civilians-and destroyed their properties and made the civilians to flee from their own country , People of Syria started to migrate to European countries mostly to Germany by their foot , They crossed several blockage in between countries and many reached Germany safely and many can't they dropped their asylum in Greece Italy Hungary Russia UK Spain France and few other than European countries open their doors to pick up few migrants to their nations but middle east countries avoided to take refugees from Syria . and there is strong possibility incursion of  ISIS terrorist in the name of refugees,So few countries avoid those burdens in accepting them as refugees .

After refugees were gone over now  Syria is clear ground and now the battle begins ISIS ,US and joint forces,Rebel groups,Assad army Syrian armed forces and Kurdish army ,They destroyed Syria into pieces Tankers were deployed and Several Air strikes happened all over Syria and no one counted the exact amount of causalities in Syria.Since now no Oil fields were attacked its protected by all nation armed forces and also by Terrorists because this the main source for the war . ISIS earns money from Oil fields they buy weapons and run the organisation by this Oil source without Oil ISIS is no more .

Later Russia enters the war in the name of protecting the Assad regime government,They deployed several Air strikes in main cities and took the main Air field under their control They took missile attacks from ships which caused many causalities among civilians . US came against Russia attacks as those attacks were not against ISIS but they were against their trained Rebel groups , So all nations were fighting each other in this war for OIL . UN kept silent in this issue.

We can say it as OIL war instead of declaring it as war against ISIS or terrorism.

11/13 Paris coordinated multiple attacks has links to this Syrian war.because France forces in war against ISIS in Syria .Nearly 200 people were assaulted in Paris attack for demanding justice for Syrian war ,World mourns for it England German US and many nations showed their support to France ,France government declared state of War against ISIS groups,

Unknown Hackers declared war against ISIS by a Video in "Youtube"

Before the Paris attacks Russian passenger jet plane was taken down in Sinai by 1kg of Explosives which killed 129 people on board , This attack was made by ISIS and they took the responsibility for the attack but Russia didn't accepted it because there were no ISIS fond in the place of attack and Russia announced the cash prize of 50 $ million to the person who gives the clue to find the attackers.

Russia suspect the hands of US agents in these attacks for the Syrian war .

I didn't spoke about Israel Palestine conflicts , India Pakistan issue ,Boko Haram , China's financial development and crisis to rest of the world , Russia and US ,

I started it from 1999 Kandahar Plane hijack and ended in 11/13 Paris attack but you can start the story from anywhere else  and end it at anywhere else and the total result will give you  the interlinks between the Terror attacks and Nations hand behind it .

If Time Permits
I will Continue with more details just follow the blog

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One decade of bad time

One decade of bad time finding ways to stop it soon ,It started in 2005 and continuing till 2015.
Tried all possible ways to get out of it but I can't able to make through it .
Alone all time while facing most of the troubles
It all went like dreams lost many of my closed ones
Sprains and Pains all over and this should not continue further more.
Have to stop it soon.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm Totally Free

I feel totally free today 15 Nov 2015
my mind is free
no commitments
and nothing to do.
just have to go to the hotel for lunch and dinner that's all
its raining weather and chill breezing wind,The place is so cool....

Another part is searching for a new girl friend
Want to start a new journey
since then before never felt that

Going to study some courses

Going to make more money
Going to fulfil my desires .

Going to Start a new business
Its going to be an International business

Want to settle in life as I like

I feel Like I'm Free Totally free Single

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blocked True Love

I thought she went off and So I kept me away but my larling just blocked me away ...ha ha it was unexpected so called fun.."Issue happened last month 16 October but yesterday only now I noticed it.
I'm really innocent about this issue . I thought it was a simple matter but it is hurting me at every corner.

I came down to earth to give you hands and make you rise up.
I committed my true love and started to express it but I was blocked in the beginning itself ..
Ok I accept it and it was not the first time I'm experiencing it and hope you too.We both have a long untold history.We will easily understand the facts running around us.

I think Only a single word I spoke to you "Hello" after a decade.On a unexpected unknown phone call...After a long time you heard my voice just recognized me easily with that single word that's enough.Where I stand there.

Congrats & hope You may come back and you will.
Enjoy the life and have fun.
I'll wait for you....Hope its God's plan....nothing can stop this.
All time single is now single again.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

2 nd year after bike accident

2 years back I met with 2 bike accidents in a day.............1 Nov 2013
hurt my ribs neck back bone knees shoulders fingers .......everything displaced.........MRI & CT scan says that........every movement is pain for life time........Doctors says that........ha ha its a fun game...........Still I have Lot to do.............and I will do it....

But that accident changed my life style.......but not my attitude.
Oct 14 2015 picture
For Last year post