Friday, October 2, 2015

One day Internet Shutdown

Obviously this is everyone's hidden expectation "Internet Shutdown" but they can't bare it when situation comes.

One day Internet should be shutdown around the world .
Want to see how People will  react and face that situation.

It would be interesting thing to know about it ..........

Online Banking will be stopped .
Share Market will fail to rate
Communication devices will lost contacts
GPS will stop showing directions
Many offices will run out of connections .works will be stopped.
Servers may fail to execute data's
Main thing would be social media won't  work .So people may not get connect with their friends.

Usage of computers,Tablets, mobile phones will be reduced

Usage of Electricity will be reduced

Carbon Emission will be reduced

We can reduce the world heat

We can reduce climate change

We may hangout for a picnic with family and it would be more enjoyable than Internet.

Lets make one day Internet shut down and enjoy that day.

#ShutDownInternet #ClimateChange