Monday, October 5, 2015

Change in Companies Culture

No CEO No Boss No Rules
No Dress Code No Rooftops 
Even without any investment companies are arising

There is a large change in companies culture in past two decades .

Let I continue Wait...........

Did YOU know ?
*Uber*, the world's largest taxi company owns no vehicles.
*Facebook*, the world's most popular media creates no content.
*Alibaba*, the most valuable retailer has no inventory.
*Airbnb*, the world's largest accommodation provider owns no real estate
*Apple*, with sales of over 200 million smart phones and tablets does not own a factory.
*Whatsapp*, with 3 Billion messages a day does not own servers.
*Mr Surya Sinha*, Sapphire Manager, Forever Living Products India, with Rs 4 Crores+ earnings in 2015, has no office or stocks or employees.
Disruptive, innovative and collaborative consumption is shifting the lines of the economy.
The future belongs only for those who are Highly FOCUSED & THINKS DIFFERENTLY..