Saturday, October 31, 2015

Make in India : Indian women becoming surrogate birth mothers for foreigners

India is really a poor country with more Multi millionaires who has top name list in Forbes Magazine
In India most people are spending less than half a dollar a day to feed their family.

India is the biggest democratic nation in the world . People are mislead by politicians at every corner.

India has really no self development by globalisation but it automatically develops due to Internal economic stability made by agriculture and its own historic social infrastructure .

Due to globalisation India becomes consumer for all other developed nations.They sell their product in India .They open shops and malls in India and give jobs for Indians and sell product to Indians and take away the money from India.People were made to think themselves as development in India means more branded showrooms and malls all over India. Due to this type of globalisation Indians became slaves to branded product items and forgot their hand looms and handicrafts homeland products .

Next to the globalisation is "Make in India"

We were expecting "Made in India" but India welcome foreign nations to make their products in India called "Make in India" and sell them in India. It is the future of globalisation .
In globalisation they made product in their own country and sold it to India but now they make products in India and sell it to Indians. It reduces transport and export charges for foreigners .

This is a free way made by politicians of India for foreign nation investors to loot India.

Even though India is not yet destroyed its still surviving its amazing to see that India has some stability to withstand all the invaders as economically politically and geographically .

Now Make in India touch the humanity of Indian people. Indian women are giving up their womb to foreigners. Indian women are becoming surrogate birth mothers for foreigners.Test tube baby (IVF) is a slight old developed technology in child birth. Women in India are renting their womb to foreigners for producing child for them. By renting the womb they earn some money to meet their monthly household needs.This scheme may also indirectly come under "Make in India" due to globalisation.But this outbreak news became larger than expected so government trying to ban it but poor people who already inserted fertilized chromosome into their womb will be affected and they may not get rent money and they may not give the child to the respective person after child birth so that they have to take care of that someone's child after birth,This becomes more burden for them . Now what the government will do for them.

இன்னும் என்னை என்ன செய்ய போகிறாய்

நாம் சந்தித்த முதல் சந்திப்பு
பசுமை பூத்ததுபோல் இன்னும் என்னுள்ளே தேங்கி நிற்கிறது

நான் உன்னுடன் எதற்ச்சையாக  பேச நீ என்னை பார்க்க ,
அது என்னுள்
நாம் ஏற்க்கனவே பழகியதுபோல் ,எதோ ஒரு உணர்வு ..
கண்கள் கலந்து சற்று சிலிர்த்து போனேன்
அதுவரை நான் பேசிய யாரிடமும் அப்படி நான் உணர்ந்ததில்லை

அன்று முதல் இன்றுவரை அந்த உணர்வுக்கும் உறவுக்கும்
அர்த்தம் எனக்கு விளங்கவில்லை

நம் தேகம் தீண்டியதில்லை
நாம் சரியாக பேசியதுகூட இல்லை
நம் சந்திப்புகள் கூட சரியாக நேர்ந்ததில்லை

நீ வேறு நான் வேறு
இருவரும் எட்டாத இடத்தில் இருக்கிறோம்

வேறு வேறு திசைகளில் நாம் சென்றாலும்
காலம் நம்மை மீண்டும் இணைக்க முயல்கிறது

எதோ மாயைபோல் மீண்டும் ஒன்று சேர்ந்து விடுகிறோம்
நமக்குள் என்னமோ எதோ ........இருக்கிறது
அது நட்பா பகையா அல்லது காதல
என்று தெரியவில்லை
அதை எண்ணி எண்ணி வியக்கிறேன்

சில நேரம்
நட்பில் தொடங்கி காதலில் வளர்ந்து பகையில் முடிகிறது


பகையில் தொடங்கி நட்பில் வளர்ந்து காதலில் முடிகிறது

இது என்னவென்றே எனக்கு புரியவில்லை

மீண்டும் உனக்காக நான் காத்துகிடக்கிறேன்

"இன்னும் என்னை என்ன செய்ய போகிறாய்" அன்பே  அன்பே  என்று

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Untouchable vs Humanity

Few years back 
It happened me once In my best friends house
My friend took me for lunch in his home 
They served food happily 
 but later 
They threw the glass away after I drank up water with that.
They threw up the plate away after I ate the food in it.
 Because I'm Untouchable
These things happened after I left their house and same friend said this to me after few days.
This incident hurt me more because they have (racism) caste discriminated me .
Even though I thanked him for my friend even though their parents don't like me and I was happy because they atleast gave me Water and Food.

There should be change in the society and there should be change in culture.

Humanity should be retained .

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Friends may be Trouble

"அனேக சிநேகம் பிரானசங்கடம்"
(Having more friends is Trouble for life time)

10 years back On a Train Journey towards Andhra Pradesh a man said this on seeing my friends gang.
Its a True word.
Many guys would have experienced it in their real life time.
In Facebook life time.(Timeline)
ha ha ha
☝ ☯ ⌘ (I can't paste more emoji's than this)
Already I've shrunk my friendship boundary to a very less people but newly it started expanding out of control (automatically)........
Fear surrounds.......
Lets face it.............♥
▶️ Krishna Kumar G◀️

My info is Public Well I knew that

don't know how to say......
Hi friends all your info's are in public ( I can't able to point the group of people)
just found this in few Google searches ...
Your email ids,mobile numbers and Pictures.......
Your Private group chats....
Sema comedy ya irukku.....

My info is public already / I don't care about it....
(Believe this line when you are in Internet)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Modern History Warfare

Topic might be quite interesting

Yes ! , History repeats in Modern Warfare.Here we are going to discuss about Influence of History in Modern Warfare.

These are different kinds of war from past we are facing in this world

War for Gods
War for Land
War for People
War for Food & Water
War for Nothing
War for Peace

There also some few types of war which cannot be consider as direct war

War against Terrorism
War against Cyber attacks or Cyber bullying
War against drugs
War against Human Trafficking
War against Poverty
War against Genetic change
War against Nuclear
War against Bioweapon

Let I continue...........Wait

Monday, October 5, 2015

Change in Companies Culture

No CEO No Boss No Rules
No Dress Code No Rooftops 
Even without any investment companies are arising

There is a large change in companies culture in past two decades .

Let I continue Wait...........

Did YOU know ?
*Uber*, the world's largest taxi company owns no vehicles.
*Facebook*, the world's most popular media creates no content.
*Alibaba*, the most valuable retailer has no inventory.
*Airbnb*, the world's largest accommodation provider owns no real estate
*Apple*, with sales of over 200 million smart phones and tablets does not own a factory.
*Whatsapp*, with 3 Billion messages a day does not own servers.
*Mr Surya Sinha*, Sapphire Manager, Forever Living Products India, with Rs 4 Crores+ earnings in 2015, has no office or stocks or employees.
Disruptive, innovative and collaborative consumption is shifting the lines of the economy.
The future belongs only for those who are Highly FOCUSED & THINKS DIFFERENTLY..

Me and My Proposal

I can't Propose any one
Never ever do that
Don't know why
It may be fear or shy
or anything else
I won't propose anyone.......
I hate that.

Someone may wait for my proposal but I'll never do that.

It shows I'm slave to them and I feel I'm loosing my dignity while proposing .
Most of the guys propose but I won't.
But I may accept proposal........
I already got proposals and I don't like them because they are not good in their behaviour and not perfect for me.I may be judged wrong.

I'm waiting for my dear to propose me.I will accept that proposal only.Nothing about my proposal.

Instead she is trying to make me to Propose her ...........
But How I will do that Honey ?......................Its a Trap....Ego Trap.

I'm Waiting........... the word she doesn't like

It became a life game......but makes me more pain......

Friday, October 2, 2015

One day Internet Shutdown

Obviously this is everyone's hidden expectation "Internet Shutdown" but they can't bare it when situation comes.

One day Internet should be shutdown around the world .
Want to see how People will  react and face that situation.

It would be interesting thing to know about it ..........

Online Banking will be stopped .
Share Market will fail to rate
Communication devices will lost contacts
GPS will stop showing directions
Many offices will run out of connections .works will be stopped.
Servers may fail to execute data's
Main thing would be social media won't  work .So people may not get connect with their friends.

Usage of computers,Tablets, mobile phones will be reduced

Usage of Electricity will be reduced

Carbon Emission will be reduced

We can reduce the world heat

We can reduce climate change

We may hangout for a picnic with family and it would be more enjoyable than Internet.

Lets make one day Internet shut down and enjoy that day.

#ShutDownInternet #ClimateChange