Sunday, September 20, 2015

World War 3

Recent days there is a sign of War in between great nations .
Particularly U.S and Russia .

They are alerting its military bases around the world to be ready and prepared for war.
according to some certain news sources .

There is sign of increasing its arms and nuclear weapons .

China also increasing its soldiers and weapons and its on high alert .

North Korea and South Korea also in the border of war at any time , There is some disturbance seen in 'No Man Zone' in between those countries .North Korea testing some missiles over its seas  and U.S keeps its ships and war planes focusing on North Korea.

Japan has treats in south china sea as its boundaries are shrinking and its been captured by china.

Middle East Oil source may be the reason for war by the greedy nations. Iran,Iraq and Syria will be the war zones during WW3

India and Pakistan may use nuclear weapon during this time and destroy the North west region of India.May be Punjab in India will face large damages when nuclear heads were used.

Radiation level of the world will also be increased after the World War 3.

The power of the ruling nation will be changed .

Poverty will arise

Economic crisis will arise

World war 3 will be the end of Wars. New nations will be created .


All above stories were my assumption according to various sources .


Krishna Kumar G