Sunday, September 6, 2015

Parthen Rasithen and my Life

Paarthen Rasithen Movie :

Actually I didn't watch this movie on release 11 Aug 2000 because while that time I was not watching any movies
I watched this movie in Television on year 2004 after a girl requested me to watch it because its like the same story of mine .
At that time I didn't liked this movie because of the first song copied English song which didn't look good Actor Prasanth was simply dancing in Malaysian streets and showing his ability of dancing .I just like the song
'Enakena Erkanave' Song and I didn't get into the story much well but I wanted to watch it again because I did not understand the story much well .So I've watched this movie now 2015 Sep 05 night in YouTube.Yes more than after 10 years this was revolving in my mind.

Wow what a performance every actors did it well at their best. kudos to Simran , Laila expressions was superb . Prasanth lead the story very well. I still felt 2 songs unnecessary 1st song and a song in Thailand beach like location copied choreography from a Hindi film song.

What's the connection between me and this film ?
  Yes there is post connection of this film ,which was released in year 2000 and same like incidence happened me in year 2003 - 2005, Even though I don't know about this connection because I didn't watched this movie but my girl friend revealed this to me .

Yes I had Simran ,Laila and Villan and same type of incidents happened in my life and both are still close to me but different climax.

Full story is in my Dairy and not in my blogs because of privacy of those 2 persons .
ha ha funny isn't it ya its true
its all happened just like that and there were twist and turns and at the end I'm single and alone.
Because my Laila is not true just like the laila appeared in the movie but Simran was same as in the movie and I handled that matter in a different way .....In my own style and got rid off it . both are safe and good . I'm too. I never thought No one got hurt yes we all were get into hurt .Days will cure us.