Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Modi the Brand figure of Hindutva

Modi is a brand figure of Hindutva in India .
Modi was called NAMO during 2014 Central Elections
Where NAMO was the brand name used by BJP for the Election 2014 and they succeed in it.
They won the Election with this brand name and Narendra Modi became prime minister of India (2014)

Now Modi is getting huge welcome all over the world and he is also getting caught in huge controversies .

Modi is now the brand name too.
Modi is photo freak, He is fond of taking selfies too
Modi Seems to be fame lover

He travelled all over the world and meeting most of the great nation leaders in a year.On his travelling plans they dedicatedly promote the modi brand as 'Under his Sovereign India shines'.
Same Modi was rejected many times to obtain US visa until he became prime minister in 2014 .

He used his brand figure in promoting many schemes like
 "Clean India" "Make in India" "Digital India"
and some Yojana's under Insurance Schemes.

He even called people to give up LPG subsidy and some came forward to do that.

He always make him visible to people to maintain his brand image in various ways like
Social media Facebook,Twitter,Instagram
National Television speeches
All India Radio Speeches (Mann ki Baat)
His own websites and various websites
Connecting people by mobile SMS,Apps.

Hindu people around the world were attracted towards his brand figure acts.

He is under the political party BJP which is supported by RSS and some Hindu organization .

During Obama visit to India Modi was wearing a shirt with his own name sewn repeatedly which cost above 10 lakhs rupees.Which made controversies and they sold that shirt for bid and they restored the money to Indian wallet .

Modi not only brand figure he is also king of controversies from his early periods.
few below
His hands on Gujarathi riots , Hiding his Wife name in Elction nomination files,His friend Amith shah in Fake encounter case during his rule in Gujarat .

In India Minority people are in confused stage in supporting Modi because his speeches and activities are like against them.They always feel insecure while BJP rules the nation.

Modi the brand figure on imposing languages,
Modi loves Hindi more than Gujarathi his own mother tongue  and he feels shame that he learned Hindi so lately .
Modi in the beginning of his rule in 2014 he tried to impose Hindi in all states ,He even proclaimed Hindi is a national language and should be made common subjects in all schools in India.
But in reality Hindi is not Official National Indian Language .

This brand figure may fade on coming years because his missions are mostly becomes failure at he end . The BJP is using this brand figure only for promoting their party towards people and to win in Elections.
They are not concerning about the people benefits . They are just completing the Tasks what  they learned in RSS camps.

According to my point Nation leader in India should be secular even though  he is priest or scholar or preacher to any religion he should maintain his secular attitude while ruling the nation.
India is a place where all religious people live .Should not collapse the national integrity for political gains.

Branding the name or figure or schemes is very important to political parties to promote their parties or leaders , But on the end of branding  people should be gained with benefits or the brand may fade soon.

On the whole Modi brand figure rules the nation which was preceded by Namo brand name.