Monday, September 28, 2015

Influence of Facebook in India

Facebook was found in February 4 2004 but it doesn't get much popular in India until 2007.
People of India were using Orkut at that time.Later slowly facebook took a giant step in India.Millions of users were adding up daily.Indian population is now the largest users of facebook.

Facebook have direct and indirect influence in many countries matters.

Facebook is banned in many countries

Facebook was about to make a revolution in Egypt

Facebook made many students to protest in UK.

Still facebook is working in many good things and also bad activities .

We could not say facebook is the direct responsible for all those incidents

But it worked as a medium in many issues.....

I sometime guess facebook works directly on some issues
by influencing people to some of supporting  programs,advertising,political and diplomatic changes.

Sometimes I personally feel facebook hand was in 2004 India Election indirectly.

(While you login in facebook you will first see some of the Indian political leaders  page post and later you will scroll down, It was a hidden program of facebook )

few days back 2015 they influenced people to come against net neutrality in India.

Now they are  influencing people to activate the feature by Supporting 'Digital India' program.

So be careful of facebook they are influencing you and in background they are moving their business.

People are changing their profile picture in support of digital India , Its good but in hidden unknown way you are also supporting

In support of digital India You are actually changing profile picture and its not facebook profile picture
Pride avatar

here is code picture or screen shot of my facebook digital India support page.

Only 2 profile picture campaigns have conducted by Facebook in favour of LGBT and Digital India.
Leave it that's their choice between you have been used without your knowledge .
Even modi was used.
In gap facebook submitted 17 lakhs signatures to TRAI in support of

In your facebook news feed page you may have spotted this survey if you were in India .