Tuesday, September 29, 2015

AMMA The Brand Name

AMMA the brand name of Jayalalitha in India .
Amma in Tamil means Mother in English
AMMA (Madam) some times used to honour an elderly women as in respect to call her without intimating her name.As Madam in English we use to call women in respect.

After 1996 to 2000 this name was created to brand her by her party members.They started continuously calling her as mother(AMMA).

In 2001 they won the state Election with this brand name.

Jayalalitha real name was Komalavalli 
The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu (2015)

She uses this brand name for Products,Schemes and in Systems of the Tamilnadu government .
Which gets more recognition at first and later fades due to lack of maintenance .

I list out some brands name under AMMA

Amma Mobiles
Amma Theatre 
Amma Unavagam (Hotel)
Amma Water bottle
Amma ........

Male Amma :
Before 1996 to 2000 and after 1978, AMMA the brand name was given to Melmaruvathur Adigalar or Bangaru Adigalar a Hindu saint man who has huge asserts in Melmaruvathur town .Who performs holy rituals and give blessing to people who visits his temple and He is the President of Adiparasakthi Charitable Medical Educational and Charitable Trust.Still people who worship in his Adiparasakthi temple call him as Amma. Here different is a male person is called as Amma in Tamil which means mother in English . It may quite sound different but he was called like that because people think that he is the holy representative of God Adiparasakthi a female goddess .

I list out some brands name under AMMA
Amma Padal (Songs)
Amma Prasatham (Food)
Amma Arul Vakku (Prophecy)

Atlast I don't want to get interfere into their personal life and their histories . I personally spotted the similarity in their brand names.Everyone knows about this in Tamilnadu but they don't much talk about this.As both of them in high position and power. One day in future people will speak out about this.
Whoever may be and no where in the world people used mother as brand name as Tamilians did and accepted it.

Being Tamilian .

Krishna Kumar G