Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Women Working is meant that they are Free ? Learning about Working Women in India.

In India today many of them think that Women working is their freedom even many working women in India believes this fact but that's not true on other way they get stability in life by their income but actually they don't get freedom instead they themselves pushing them into an uncomfortable zone.

In early ages , Women were working in India at various fields especially in farming weaving and also leading soldiers to the war. So women working in India is related to old ages and not just suddenly happened in 19th century or on after Indian Independence, Even for Indian Independence many women freedom fighters were participated in freedom struggles.They even served in INA.

Still in villages women are working in farm land ,Weaving clothes, Taking care of Cattle and doing many more works . Even though they do a hard work later they come to home and take care of their  children's and prepare food for house members and also does the job of House keeping . At the end She were not allowed to share the her Income with her parents rather than husband and not even allowed to spend it for her own purpose this is the real fact of most Indian women who living in villages.But in reality women working in villages are not considered as Working Women.

Not much difference in cities , Here Women are working in offices and various fields but most of  them have work space away from their family .They get good respect from others or co workers at work places when compared to women working in villages. They get good income as monthly salary and they even spend it for own purpose but they have to take care of their family , They even may have servant to do house hold things ,They will spend leisure time for other activities of their own choices . Their Children's get good education at schools but they don't have much time to take care of them.This keeps them in depression .Their Husband may also have good job and income so they may have good Economical life in cities but they may not have happy Life due to work stress and family stress which lead them to depression.Many Quit job to take care of her children and her family .

Abuses at work places are common in India . Nearly most of the working women in India may have faced abuses by co workers or by others. Sexual abuses also happens at many work places but these activities are not stopping women from working .

When they start to work they can get good income and respect so that they can stand in their own legs without depending on others.and can't assure that they are free .

Married working women is always under the pressure of her husbands control and unmarried women is not given permission by her parents to take it easy of her life  as granted .Always she is under control of society or she is controlled by someone for some issues.she is not 100% free she is dependent even though she earns .She even accepts it,This is the most happening conditions of working women in India now.