Sunday, August 23, 2015

This is another worst birthday 22 Aug 2015

Usually I won't celebrate my birthday .If so It will be so simple. My Mom will make Biriyani in my house and we enjoy with family.
In my childhood I wear new dress and give chocolates to my school class mates and house neighbours .Mutton  Biriyani  preparation in my house is  important event and tasty food in my Mom's preparation.Who even cooks on Ramzan celebration for Muslim neighbours .
Everyone will be happy My father my mother and my brother.

In College first year,my birthday came in first week ,I was staying in Hostel at Chidambaram,I forgot my birthday on that day that was an working day.When I came back to hostel from college went to Telephone booth to call my home (Thursday) to inform I'm coming home on tomorrow and my mom was crying on the end while receiving my call said today is your birthday we made Biriyani in the morning why you didn't came to home we were waiting ..It made me cry over the phone and ran to bus stand and took bus to home and reached 9pm and ate the food as my Mom prepared for myself.We celebrated the birthday at night .
Later I bought a cell phone second hand even though it was costly at that time because my Mom can contact me any time but that phone was used as telephone booth for most of my hostel mates to contact their home.Those days are really amazing .

After 2005 I have completely stopped celebrating my birthday with a big party to my friends . I never told to my My Mom that I was not celebrating my birthday because I don't want to spoil her love on me.
As usual She prepares biriyani for me .

In 2010 my father expired in march month and we were in difficult situation .Don't know were to shift the house and move to some where out of Neyveli. Past 5 years 2005-2010 we were crossing all the bad situation in our family.I was missing my father on that birthday.

From 2011 we settled in Cuddalore. Later that life is somewhat going normal with few struggles .
My Mom used to cook some non-veg dishes on my birthday and she gets me new dress to wear.

On 2015 my Mom is sick and not well so my house was so silent on that day.I got more wishes from friends and well known persons on my facebook profile ,Whats app and few calls.I didn't celebrated this birthday as usual the unusual was my My Mom was not well and I prepared non-veg food for her. 

I won't except anyone's wishes on my birthday instead  I wish everyone on their birthdays.
unfortunately this year I was expecting 3 persons wishes on this birthday and 1 person wished me was sister Karmugil my favourite loving and care taking person she was wishing me for past 3 years and I wish her too. Other 2 person didn't wish me.In that 1 was my relative who got lot of gifts from me and that person didn't wish me...Another one was my lovable one..

and my Mom is ok now.
My Mom's Love is My Happiness.