Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kanda Naal Mudhal

Today I got Time to watch Tamil film "Kanda Naal Mudhal" (2005)

At that time I've missed to watch this film,I have seen some scenes in Television but I don't understand the plot until I've watch it now.
Wow what a screenplay !
wonderful direction by V.Priya,Songs and music (Yuvan) are super,Acting by actors Laila Amazing acting and Prasanna did it so well.Regina cassandra at young age,Revathi and Lakshmi well known actress, Duet movie production .

I always eager to watch films directed by females because they will touch the plot in different angle and very sensitively and naturally.Same way this film has a wonderful story and its narration was so good.

(Usually male directors assume the female portions in their films in a wrong way or away from reality .
I can find it here same thing .. Here this female director also assumes male portion away from reality,Exactly I can say it here The conversation between two male friends ,Hero always trying to convince his friend for hard commitment to marry Ramya even though he doesn't likes her.Actually in reality This will end in fight with friends or they will change the topic and let them go as their for own sake but in this film Hero always convincing his friend till end of the film for that single girl Ramya.)

Ok cool that's the plot here and I'm not pointing out director is female or any gender just explaining the logic in the story.

Overall Film is super.I like it and Love it & want to watch it again in YouTube whenever I want it ,now its in my favourite movie list.
Screenshot by me in Youtube

I like the Scene were Laila gets separated after argument with Prasanna in the Highway and during climax Laila makes him to propose by her act and connection between these two scenes and dialogues are well prepared (wonderful dialogues and Thinking).

Wikipedia Page about movie