Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sex with Robots

This is the future science which help people to have sex with robots
It can reveal them from Psychological disorders ,

Robot Sex is not pure future technology it was just already there for more than 100 years in various forms of sex.Today having sex with dolls ,toys and Vibrators are commonly used by people around the world.
But in future Robot will give sexual pleasure more than humans it can just understand your desire from a touch or from your Heart beat or just watching your eyes .Robots can show you a perfect comfort levels in can try different positions which can't be imagined by humans.This will be obtained by future using Artificial intelligence technology .

Just we can buy a robot instead of having a friend/marrying a person which will take care of you in all sorts of hurdles you face.

Future Technology Robo Sex :

           Robots are unavoidable in future they will take part in your life at every moment.Matter of dealing with them and using them in our life is important. Sometimes it may act like a doctor in your home and can perform a surgery on emergency.It can guard your home without sleeping . It can help elderly people and their needs.Robots are already performing these kind of acts in techno households same way robots will perform sex with people its unavoidable.

Some already call its as Tecnosex and I call it as RoboSex .

Here is the future came nearer Virtual reality is the new technology with allows to watch porn in Virtual reality and have pleasure of sex during watching a porn movie.

Here is a image of New Chinese robot look alike a real person .Which would attract you and do your household works.Now you'll understand what I'm saying .

Edited :

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Krishna Kumar G