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Periods and Peoples

In India,Most of the Guys in young age doesn't know even periods (Menstruation ) exists . My Personal experience as a boy never heard about periods but I have studied in my school books as Menstruation cycle but doesn't know about the suffering behind it.Not only the physical suffering and also the psychological social suffering .

In my young age after seeing the TV ad of Whisper and stay free I would ask my Mom and neighbours what is this all about they said its a bread pocket . I asked why don't we eat this next time we have to buy this but later found that it was a lie and something mystery hiding behind it ,And this is the experience of most of the guys in India.

This is how women in India behave that periods doesn't exists and that becomes problem for them when they are in public on their time of periods . Hold on, I'm a male and still not aware of all the problems faced by Girls.Just telling you about what I know according to my knowledge .

I have studied about it in my school days ((Boys only School) but in real time I came to know about periods on my early college days .From one of my Girl friend who had periods and suffering due to that ,She said she was on periods and having stomach ache.For the first time I'm hearing a word like this .Later Questioned her are you all right any problem shall I come and see you. she said nothing wrong she will be OK fine its an common thing but I don't understand what she is telling . So I was asking what is all about she explained me whole thing and disabilities and I understood her feelings ,Where my school books didn't taught me that during periods people will have pain, Later that incident I started to see every women and their sufferings which is not said openly to this outside world ,Leave this stupid story lets see beyond it.

Culture and Periods :
                             In Indian culture women were kept aside from home during period days, Its a typical culture ill treats women very badly. Women's were not allowed to use sanitary napkins during periods even though napkins exists but now its changed and shopkeepers were not changed they are still wrapping papers above the sanitary napkins while handling to the buyers .This shows some shy and cultural bondage which is not allowing to show the truth and reality about periods .Even today male persons feel shy to buy Napkins from shops and even females wont tell them to buy for them happens only on exclusion of parents and relatives.

Revelation of Periods :
                      Today world is changing, Period suffering is no more.Internet and social media's brings out everything handy.Still some people are not coming forward to discuss about it .Feel free to discuss about it on all platforms so that everyone will understand about women and their life ,There will be no hiding or keeping them away from society on periods .

Controversies and Out coming  :

Few months ago in Instagram a girl posted her bleeding on periods during her sleep and Instagram banned that picture for showing her bleeding to public later people were commenting against Instagram and Instagram came down and republished that picture again on its Wall.

A girl (Kiran Gandhi ) runs marathon on her bleeding and proves that she can do anything even on her periods and don't even need to hide herself from her own life.she said she made her decision to run free and not to wear a tampon because she wanted to highlight how women are often shamed for having their period.She practised marathon for a year and She realised she is on period on the day of her 1st marathon,she decided to do something unexpected – she ran the entire race free-bleeding, she doesn't want to leave the marathon because of periods and she completed marathon with bleeding "Run Free" she speaks more in her blog View. Congratulate her.

Many more stories are there to tell just I have denoted 2 incidents and its enough to you to shine in the world without fear and out of shame .

Edited :
Later On Youtube I've watched a video Explaining better about Periods in Indian way.
This Video has been published on 11th August 2015 one day later after my post was published.After seeing that on 14 th august 2015 and now I'm including it on my post , so you may understand better about Indian stands about Periods.Video by Youtuber Superwomen .

Another video I want to include
regarding expense of Sanitary napkin and people can't afford to buy so they use different materials which results in allergic and a women in Uganda found this product called OPAD
made of fabric cloth which is washable and reusable

Another Advance video
Tampons Vs Pads finally see those guys reaction

Here is another animation about how periods occurs

Another Indian men from city Coimbatore invented Cheap sanitary pad from seeing his wife using stained cloth which  is unhygienic way to protect bleeding .

Edited 21/04/2017

Sanitary Napkins have been taxed in India
There is Campaign to Tax Free Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary products are a necessity, not a luxury.
Social medias trend with these hashtags #LahuKaLagaan (Hindi word)

12% of women has access to Sanitary napkins were remaining 88 % are still surviving on traditional methods like cloth pads,dried leaves and newspapers. (Twitter@SheSaysIndia)

GST Tax rate on Sanitary napkins go up to 14.5%,Many were not afford to pay this Price.

Advanced Technologies make it simple

Sanitary napkin ATM's can be installed in Bus Stands.Schools,Colleges,Ration shops,Tourist places,Hospitals & etc.

Same way ladies should safely dispense the sanitary napkins after its usage that's very important,
Don't simply throw them inside toilets and flush it,It will result your house drainage to over flow.Cleaning it will cost you more.
Store it in a bin and give it to the garbage collector or burn it safely,There are few devices does this job "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer / Incinerator" It will burn your napkins within seconds and will destroy it safely.

Even Government can provide these facilities at a free of cost.

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Edited 16 June 2017

Tamilnadu government schools gets sanitary napkins free of cost and also dispenser.
This is a great thing .

இந்த வலை பூவில் சொன்ன பாதி கதை இந்த படத்துல இருக்கு...
There is Bollywood movie says the same story related to this blog
'புல்லு' படத்தின் டிரெய்லர்
'Phullu' Movie Trailer

ஏற்க்கனவே menstruation போஸ்ட் போட்டு அசத்துனேன் இல்லையா ?
அத நீங்க யாரும் கண்டுக்கல இல்லையா ?
இப்ப படமா வர போகுது...

Menopause ஆனா பிறகும் கூட பலர் menstruation பற்றி freeயா பேச பயப்படுறாங்க...
Freeயா பேசுங்க அப்போது தான் உங்க அடிப்படை தேவைகள் என்னான்னு எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிய வரும்... பற்றி freeயா பேச பயப்படுறாங்க...

Freeயா பேசுங்க அப்போது தான் உங்க அடிப்படை தேவைகள் என்னான்னு எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிய வரும்...

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