Sunday, August 23, 2015

This is another worst birthday 22 Aug 2015

Usually I won't celebrate my birthday .If so It will be so simple. My Mom will make Biriyani in my house and we enjoy with family.
In my childhood I wear new dress and give chocolates to my school class mates and house neighbours .Mutton  Biriyani  preparation in my house is  important event and tasty food in my Mom's preparation.Who even cooks on Ramzan celebration for Muslim neighbours .
Everyone will be happy My father my mother and my brother.

In College first year,my birthday came in first week ,I was staying in Hostel at Chidambaram,I forgot my birthday on that day that was an working day.When I came back to hostel from college went to Telephone booth to call my home (Thursday) to inform I'm coming home on tomorrow and my mom was crying on the end while receiving my call said today is your birthday we made Biriyani in the morning why you didn't came to home we were waiting ..It made me cry over the phone and ran to bus stand and took bus to home and reached 9pm and ate the food as my Mom prepared for myself.We celebrated the birthday at night .
Later I bought a cell phone second hand even though it was costly at that time because my Mom can contact me any time but that phone was used as telephone booth for most of my hostel mates to contact their home.Those days are really amazing .

After 2005 I have completely stopped celebrating my birthday with a big party to my friends . I never told to my My Mom that I was not celebrating my birthday because I don't want to spoil her love on me.
As usual She prepares biriyani for me .

In 2010 my father expired in march month and we were in difficult situation .Don't know were to shift the house and move to some where out of Neyveli. Past 5 years 2005-2010 we were crossing all the bad situation in our family.I was missing my father on that birthday.

From 2011 we settled in Cuddalore. Later that life is somewhat going normal with few struggles .
My Mom used to cook some non-veg dishes on my birthday and she gets me new dress to wear.

On 2015 my Mom is sick and not well so my house was so silent on that day.I got more wishes from friends and well known persons on my facebook profile ,Whats app and few calls.I didn't celebrated this birthday as usual the unusual was my My Mom was not well and I prepared non-veg food for her. 

I won't except anyone's wishes on my birthday instead  I wish everyone on their birthdays.
unfortunately this year I was expecting 3 persons wishes on this birthday and 1 person wished me was sister Karmugil my favourite loving and care taking person she was wishing me for past 3 years and I wish her too. Other 2 person didn't wish me.In that 1 was my relative who got lot of gifts from me and that person didn't wish me...Another one was my lovable one..

and my Mom is ok now.
My Mom's Love is My Happiness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Women Working is meant that they are Free ? Learning about Working Women in India.

In India today many of them think that Women working is their freedom even many working women in India believes this fact but that's not true on other way they get stability in life by their income but actually they don't get freedom instead they themselves pushing them into an uncomfortable zone.

In early ages , Women were working in India at various fields especially in farming weaving and also leading soldiers to the war. So women working in India is related to old ages and not just suddenly happened in 19th century or on after Indian Independence, Even for Indian Independence many women freedom fighters were participated in freedom struggles.They even served in INA.

Still in villages women are working in farm land ,Weaving clothes, Taking care of Cattle and doing many more works . Even though they do a hard work later they come to home and take care of their  children's and prepare food for house members and also does the job of House keeping . At the end She were not allowed to share the her Income with her parents rather than husband and not even allowed to spend it for her own purpose this is the real fact of most Indian women who living in villages.But in reality women working in villages are not considered as Working Women.

Not much difference in cities , Here Women are working in offices and various fields but most of  them have work space away from their family .They get good respect from others or co workers at work places when compared to women working in villages. They get good income as monthly salary and they even spend it for own purpose but they have to take care of their family , They even may have servant to do house hold things ,They will spend leisure time for other activities of their own choices . Their Children's get good education at schools but they don't have much time to take care of them.This keeps them in depression .Their Husband may also have good job and income so they may have good Economical life in cities but they may not have happy Life due to work stress and family stress which lead them to depression.Many Quit job to take care of her children and her family .

Abuses at work places are common in India . Nearly most of the working women in India may have faced abuses by co workers or by others. Sexual abuses also happens at many work places but these activities are not stopping women from working .

When they start to work they can get good income and respect so that they can stand in their own legs without depending on others.and can't assure that they are free .

Married working women is always under the pressure of her husbands control and unmarried women is not given permission by her parents to take it easy of her life  as granted .Always she is under control of society or she is controlled by someone for some issues.she is not 100% free she is dependent even though she earns .She even accepts it,This is the most happening conditions of working women in India now.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Periods and Peoples

In India,Most of the Guys in young age doesn't know even periods (Menstruation ) exists . My Personal experience as a boy never heard about periods but I have studied in my school books as Menstruation cycle but doesn't know about the suffering behind it.Not only the physical suffering and also the psychological social suffering .

In my young age after seeing the TV ad of Whisper and stay free I would ask my Mom and neighbours what is this all about they said its a bread pocket . I asked why don't we eat this next time we have to buy this but later found that it was a lie and something mystery hiding behind it ,And this is the experience of most of the guys in India.

This is how women in India behave that periods doesn't exists and that becomes problem for them when they are in public on their time of periods . Hold on, I'm a male and still not aware of all the problems faced by Girls.Just telling you about what I know according to my knowledge .

I have studied about it in my school days ((Boys only School) but in real time I came to know about periods on my early college days .From one of my Girl friend who had periods and suffering due to that ,She said she was on periods and having stomach ache.For the first time I'm hearing a word like this .Later Questioned her are you all right any problem shall I come and see you. she said nothing wrong she will be OK fine its an common thing but I don't understand what she is telling . So I was asking what is all about she explained me whole thing and disabilities and I understood her feelings ,Where my school books didn't taught me that during periods people will have pain, Later that incident I started to see every women and their sufferings which is not said openly to this outside world ,Leave this stupid story lets see beyond it.

Culture and Periods :
                             In Indian culture women were kept aside from home during period days, Its a typical culture ill treats women very badly. Women's were not allowed to use sanitary napkins during periods even though napkins exists but now its changed and shopkeepers were not changed they are still wrapping papers above the sanitary napkins while handling to the buyers .This shows some shy and cultural bondage which is not allowing to show the truth and reality about periods .Even today male persons feel shy to buy Napkins from shops and even females wont tell them to buy for them happens only on exclusion of parents and relatives.

Revelation of Periods :
                      Today world is changing, Period suffering is no more.Internet and social media's brings out everything handy.Still some people are not coming forward to discuss about it .Feel free to discuss about it on all platforms so that everyone will understand about women and their life ,There will be no hiding or keeping them away from society on periods .

Controversies and Out coming  :

Few months ago in Instagram a girl posted her bleeding on periods during her sleep and Instagram banned that picture for showing her bleeding to public later people were commenting against Instagram and Instagram came down and republished that picture again on its Wall.

A girl (Kiran Gandhi ) runs marathon on her bleeding and proves that she can do anything even on her periods and don't even need to hide herself from her own life.she said she made her decision to run free and not to wear a tampon because she wanted to highlight how women are often shamed for having their period.She practised marathon for a year and She realised she is on period on the day of her 1st marathon,she decided to do something unexpected – she ran the entire race free-bleeding, she doesn't want to leave the marathon because of periods and she completed marathon with bleeding "Run Free" she speaks more in her blog View. Congratulate her.

Many more stories are there to tell just I have denoted 2 incidents and its enough to you to shine in the world without fear and out of shame .

Edited :
Later On Youtube I've watched a video Explaining better about Periods in Indian way.
This Video has been published on 11th August 2015 one day later after my post was published.After seeing that on 14 th august 2015 and now I'm including it on my post , so you may understand better about Indian stands about Periods.Video by Youtuber Superwomen .

Another video I want to include
regarding expense of Sanitary napkin and people can't afford to buy so they use different materials which results in allergic and a women in Uganda found this product called OPAD
made of fabric cloth which is washable and reusable

Another Advance video
Tampons Vs Pads finally see those guys reaction

Here is another animation about how periods occurs

Another Indian men from city Coimbatore invented Cheap sanitary pad from seeing his wife using stained cloth which  is unhygienic way to protect bleeding .

Edited 21/04/2017

Sanitary Napkins have been taxed in India
There is Campaign to Tax Free Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary products are a necessity, not a luxury.
Social medias trend with these hashtags #LahuKaLagaan (Hindi word)

12% of women has access to Sanitary napkins were remaining 88 % are still surviving on traditional methods like cloth pads,dried leaves and newspapers. (Twitter@SheSaysIndia)

GST Tax rate on Sanitary napkins go up to 14.5%,Many were not afford to pay this Price.

Advanced Technologies make it simple

Sanitary napkin ATM's can be installed in Bus Stands.Schools,Colleges,Ration shops,Tourist places,Hospitals & etc.

Same way ladies should safely dispense the sanitary napkins after its usage that's very important,
Don't simply throw them inside toilets and flush it,It will result your house drainage to over flow.Cleaning it will cost you more.
Store it in a bin and give it to the garbage collector or burn it safely,There are few devices does this job "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer / Incinerator" It will burn your napkins within seconds and will destroy it safely.

Even Government can provide these facilities at a free of cost.

Extra Memes


Read More Articles About Periods :

The Wall Street Journal  : India’s Period Problem ( )

Moon Cups : Try Moon cup then you'll hate Tampons ( )


Edited 16 June 2017

Tamilnadu government schools gets sanitary napkins free of cost and also dispenser.
This is a great thing .

இந்த வலை பூவில் சொன்ன பாதி கதை இந்த படத்துல இருக்கு...
There is Bollywood movie says the same story related to this blog
'புல்லு' படத்தின் டிரெய்லர்
'Phullu' Movie Trailer

ஏற்க்கனவே menstruation போஸ்ட் போட்டு அசத்துனேன் இல்லையா ?
அத நீங்க யாரும் கண்டுக்கல இல்லையா ?
இப்ப படமா வர போகுது...

Menopause ஆனா பிறகும் கூட பலர் menstruation பற்றி freeயா பேச பயப்படுறாங்க...
Freeயா பேசுங்க அப்போது தான் உங்க அடிப்படை தேவைகள் என்னான்னு எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிய வரும்... பற்றி freeயா பேச பயப்படுறாங்க...

Freeயா பேசுங்க அப்போது தான் உங்க அடிப்படை தேவைகள் என்னான்னு எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிய வரும்...

+krishna kumar G 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sex with Robots

This is the future science which help people to have sex with robots
It can reveal them from Psychological disorders ,

Robot Sex is not pure future technology it was just already there for more than 100 years in various forms of sex.Today having sex with dolls ,toys and Vibrators are commonly used by people around the world.
But in future Robot will give sexual pleasure more than humans it can just understand your desire from a touch or from your Heart beat or just watching your eyes .Robots can show you a perfect comfort levels in can try different positions which can't be imagined by humans.This will be obtained by future using Artificial intelligence technology .

Just we can buy a robot instead of having a friend/marrying a person which will take care of you in all sorts of hurdles you face.

Future Technology Robo Sex :

           Robots are unavoidable in future they will take part in your life at every moment.Matter of dealing with them and using them in our life is important. Sometimes it may act like a doctor in your home and can perform a surgery on emergency.It can guard your home without sleeping . It can help elderly people and their needs.Robots are already performing these kind of acts in techno households same way robots will perform sex with people its unavoidable.

Some already call its as Tecnosex and I call it as RoboSex .

Here is the future came nearer Virtual reality is the new technology with allows to watch porn in Virtual reality and have pleasure of sex during watching a porn movie.

Here is a image of New Chinese robot look alike a real person .Which would attract you and do your household works.Now you'll understand what I'm saying .

Edited :

A man fell in love and has sex with doll NY post .

A sex expert sleeps with world first Male doll  thehookmag

Sex Robot With Fully Functioning ‘Lifelike’ Genitalia Arriving In 2017 Huffingtonpost

By 2025 people will commonly have sex with robots

Want to be a billionaire in future,Now just pursue a sex doll industry

Krishna Kumar G

Retiring in 30's Get retired in 30's

Retiring in 30's is Good to enjoy the rest of life but this is not possible for a common man.
In Today world most of the successful persons in life prefer retirement in 30's.
Once they have may started their career journey in early 20's or just a year back ago and they may have reached the heights above their limits and may have achieved everything in their life on age 30's and they spend rest of their life in travelling or with family, Most of the time given to enjoyment,relaxation and satisfaction.
Some prefer different life and they end their career/Jobs in 30's and they start their new journey which is out the ordinary working common people.
Retiring in 30's Not only the  amount of money you earned doesn't decides your retirement its just your passion decides .
In India People who usually goes for job mostly retire in age of 60 .
Retiring in 30's is a new era passion
just search yourself in internet "how to get retire in your 30's" you will find various answers which guides for retirement in 30's
on the goal it changes your ideas & passion which you are living in now .

I want to discuss some of their life stories in various links

Mr. Money Mustache


Many stories are there to tell to you but I don't like to waste my time on pasting links and redirecting you to those links .just you search in Google and you will find many more results.

Enjoy rest of your Life.

Being Frustrated

Can't able to Stop Crying
Yesterday I was being Hurted by Loved one
Till 1 am my eyes went on tears and in morning its continuing writing this with tears can't able to stop it.
My Heart is suffering in pain of love
loosing hope .

my life is in vain
I'm true
no one is understanding my feeling
I'm depressed and Alone.

Krishna Kumar G

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Porn Ban Fun Ban

August 1 2015 Internet service providers banned 857 no's of porn websites (List) on request of Central Telecom ministry August 31 2015 and still they are about to ban many pornographic websites.

On hearing the news I was cool and I was not shocked  because banning millions of porn website is not possible even though they ban it there are still many proxy servers and deep web browsers are available to show up porn .

India Porn Nation :

                           Centuries ago India is a nation who found "Kama sutra" from various sexual examination and research , They taught Sex positions to their generations by means of Sculptures . Even today one person cannot attempt all the positions and pleasures of Kama sutra, Kamasutra is sex vedic in Hindu religion .Its also sexual holy book for kings and queens at old ages. Many sculptures will make you shy because we can't able to see this acts even in our real life, Public sex is denoted in many sculptures,Homosexual ,Animal sex and it goes on beyond our imagination.
                              On other hand,From past India is a sexual nation or Porn nation.Before Independence Child marriage is common in India that's why India became highly populated . They won't stop having sex its a continuous process in their life time.But in the same India some people will lead a holy single life which is away from sex they dedicate themselves to god in form of Sanyasi (Holy Life) this is applicable for both male and female .

Indian Modern Porn without Porn Industry :

                    Today Porn is in our hand devices , we can watch it whenever we want by Smart phone,Tablet or PC through Internet . Millions of websites providing porn images and videos.There are many paid websites and free websites . Usually Indians watch only free websites because they are not eager to pay for watching porn . Here Porn is indirectly related to Prostitution by ads and redirecting of websites pop ups.
Watching child pornography is illegal in India according to law. But watching porn is not still banned in India.
   India is not permitting porn industry around the nation but certain individual pornographer are attempting by their own risk .So no legal porn industry in India , But in India people are attempting to make their own videos and this becomes highly risk for them in real life,.India is a Hindu sacred nation they love Kamasutra and its sculptures but not Porn videos .If there was a camera in Old ages they would took pictures instead of sculpting sculptures . They made those sculptures by their hard work to show the world about their phonographic sense.
           Western countries have porn industries were actors,actress are doing this as their profession they earn from this act and porn websites make use of them to do porn videos so they don't disturb others in normal life.But this is opposite when we compare to India's situation.
                 Bollywood in India has few persons from porn Industries example Sunny leone and trying to book many new faces from porn industries for item songs in Bollywood Hindi movies.This type of new entries in movies were making some changes in peoples mind set about the porn industry and its life. Now People started to accepting porn stars.

What makes Problem :

               Today people are moral policing the act of watching pornography,
what they will do if they watch sexual sculptures around various temples instead of worshipping .
               Problem is illegal video graphy is high in India nowadays , Without knowledge of a person they are capturing the nude/sex images that's the main problem here.The video goes viral in porn websites and social media platforms .That affects the individual persons life .They are afraid to face the social life and they feel degradable and may attempt suicide. Here they are not porn actors or actress they are just normal persons which they can't able to bare this situations in their own life.sometimes may result in cyber bullying.Blackmailing by porn videos is common in India ,Now a days Revenge porn also common India  most of the desi (Local) videos are revenge porns.Which is Illegal in India.
                      In Temple sculptures they are not known faces they are rocks without life and shadow of the people who is no more it doesn't going to affect some one . But porn video we are watching in India are sometimes captured from known faces and that's makes some sensational problem it may be actors or actress or famous celebrity or local people's and it disturbs them and disturbs us .Most probably those videos are captured without their knowledge or may be hacked .They are Leaked or Published in Internet to create some bad name for them but sometimes it becomes luck for them to get more popular, It just comes under the way of handling it . Mindset is more important , I can say it easily in my words but people facing it in real life may be crossing fire valley .But in other fact models and celebrities are using their nudity and pornography to make themselves popular.

Effects of Porn :

               Porn affects children's worldwide , Internet giant Google is unable to control its porn searches, We can easily get into porn on just few searches . Sometime normal website pop ups porn ads or redirect to porn websites, So keeping away porn from children's is so hard now a days .Parents are deeply worried about this. The Teenage sex is common to this new generation teenagers but they are not aware of protected sex.Which lead them to pregnancy and making their life into vain .I'm not saying if there is no porn teenage sex won't happen but ratio will be less in numbers.
             Some speculation says rape happens due to porn websites , May be but its not completely due to that.It comes under various factors don't want to get into this big theory . Rape Theory . Before the entry of Porn Industry Rape was Happening .Even after you ban Porn rape will happen. Please don't match this with that and that with this.

International Mindset :
                                      Hereafter we can't ban porn,It is out of Hand ,We have to ready to accept it . Even if we are unknowingly in the porn videos we can't do nothing we have to prepare ourselves and be ready to accept it .(If its revenge porn or cyber bullying have to bring it before law) Its just an electronic skin trade for electronic pleasure.Must Keep our soul clean and look forward into your life and focus towards our future. Nothing is going to hurt you.If you are exposed by pornography means don't worry everyone having the same thing . but they are unknowingly immersed into the beauty of watching  your porn.
We have to change our mind and way of thinking we should form a International society where people are out of immoral activities .Don't bond to cultures which discriminate your feelings .

I watch Porn :

                    I watch porn from my  Teenage and don't want to say its for education purpose or may be because I'm single till now .
When I heard the news India is banning porn on internet later went to check whether porn webs are being closed but no its absolutely false news My favourite websites are still working mostly all websites are working fine.


                   Year back I came to know about famous porn star Mia Kalifa who is leading porn actress in porn Industry but yesterday only I've watched my first video of her and I don't like her , She is not  much good.
                    Day before yesterday only I came to know about the scissoring category in porn website from a women's poll ranking which marks in 3rd place and watched it wow I liked it its so fun act.
and interesting to watch.
Still I'm learning new things from porn .....may be endless
Here are some statistics about watching Porn worldwide.
Which was taken from other websites (Porn Hub and Red Tube)

Women watching Porn - Rankings (I'm not Hurting women's but showing their participation on watching Porn)

Now I have to add some porn star picture to this post to get thumbnail on sharing in social media so that I can get more viewers that's also a fact.So uploading it below .

With lot of love and fun

Krishna Kumar G

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Download Google Apps for work

Download Google Apps for work

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*You can get customised email and more with Gmail for work.
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Please Forward this to Business Groups Let them get more benefits .

Kanda Naal Mudhal

Today I got Time to watch Tamil film "Kanda Naal Mudhal" (2005)

At that time I've missed to watch this film,I have seen some scenes in Television but I don't understand the plot until I've watch it now.
Wow what a screenplay !
wonderful direction by V.Priya,Songs and music (Yuvan) are super,Acting by actors Laila Amazing acting and Prasanna did it so well.Regina cassandra at young age,Revathi and Lakshmi well known actress, Duet movie production .

I always eager to watch films directed by females because they will touch the plot in different angle and very sensitively and naturally.Same way this film has a wonderful story and its narration was so good.

(Usually male directors assume the female portions in their films in a wrong way or away from reality .
I can find it here same thing .. Here this female director also assumes male portion away from reality,Exactly I can say it here The conversation between two male friends ,Hero always trying to convince his friend for hard commitment to marry Ramya even though he doesn't likes her.Actually in reality This will end in fight with friends or they will change the topic and let them go as their for own sake but in this film Hero always convincing his friend till end of the film for that single girl Ramya.)

Ok cool that's the plot here and I'm not pointing out director is female or any gender just explaining the logic in the story.

Overall Film is super.I like it and Love it & want to watch it again in YouTube whenever I want it ,now its in my favourite movie list.
Screenshot by me in Youtube

I like the Scene were Laila gets separated after argument with Prasanna in the Highway and during climax Laila makes him to propose by her act and connection between these two scenes and dialogues are well prepared (wonderful dialogues and Thinking).

Wikipedia Page about movie