Thursday, July 16, 2015

Will You Cross the Skies for Me? Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

Will You Cross the Skies for Me?
Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa
Believe me Yesterday only I've watched this movie fully for 1st youtube
I'm so late isn't it...... ,
I had songs in my PC.......and watched songs many times but until yesterday I've never watched this movie.
After watching it
my heart said
frame frameமா செதுக்கி இருக்கான் யா Director:Gautham V Menon 
எப்படி தாமரையால மட்டும் இப்படி உள்ளிறங்கி வேலை செய்ய முடியுது ....?
Background superb A.R.Rahman .......
my fav songs and lines in it
Mannipaaya Song : Varam kidaiththum thavara vitten naan,Yen en vaalvi vanthaai.
Hosanna Song : En ithayam udaithaai norungave
 Locations superb Kerala and Chennai ECR restaurants

Trisha walking crazy in saree...don't know who is real Jessee but we see Trisha in it.
Simbu after Kovil,Thotti jaya, its a performance oriented movie for him,He did well.I was watching Gautham Menon in him on Screen that means success .

I remember those words in my Orkut profile which I wrote ...... "You killed my heart but don't worry I have 2 Hearts" (2008) with a heart bleeding picture.

Nice Movie , I Love it.....
film released feb 26 2010 but I watched only in jul 15 2015
why this gap ?
I was in a bad situation while film released .....I saw the review of the film which was a super hit film among youngsters friends used to talk about this movie and songs...all tamil girls love those songs in the movie ......they practice to sing that Mannipaya song.....I have seen many of them on those days...yesterday only got time to watch with superb climate.
Now my review after Idhaym movie this was an iconic Love story movie among youngsters in Tamil film industry ...