Friday, July 31, 2015

No Caste System

"In India most of the people say no to reservation but they don't say no to total caste system"

Indian Caste System is not defined by law before Independence but it is rooted under religion based on division of labour.
After Independence Indian leaders failed to remove the caste system which has been enforced into law and formed a democratic government.
Due to this Indian society fails to succeed in various sectors .

This is the truth behind Indian Hindu higher caste people they are bind with caste system which is equal to racism .They treat other Hindu low caste people as slaves and they don't like them to come forward in status and life.They put obstacles for low caste people in various ways mainly in education in higher institute and jobs in high honour levels and don't provide any opportunity in private sectors.

So the government provides reservation to low caste people on basis of census and in the basis of their economic status .This reservation actually doesn't meet the needs of those people until now.Still they are ill-treated by the higher caste people in various ways .From birth to death caste discrimination is commonly faced by low caste peoples in India.

The higher caste people are not voluntarily coming forward to give up their caste or caste certificates and they are not setting them away from caste .Instead low caste people are giving up their caste to overcome caste discrimination .

Intercaste Marriage basically comes from love with two (interracial) different caste people in the society where arrange marriage is common in culture . People who falls in love with low caste to higher caste or higher caste to low caste and when they got married ,Indian government registers their marriage under Intercaste marriage system.

Honour killing is a common in Indian society due to Intercaste marriage or pre intercaste marriage (during love time) . Higher caste people kill low caste male for making love with higher caste female.Now this is mostly happening in all parts of India. This is the worst culture practised by people of India.

Religion conversion is the outcome and escape or easy way for low caste people to get away from this ridiculous caste culture practiced in India.By converting to other religion from Hindu they can get away from this caste culture and they can move on with a new life.People mainly convert to Buddhism,Christianity and Islam.

No caste : Indian Government is not bold to announce "No Caste System" in India because of dirty politics.Vote banks are stored under caste system and they can utilize it in every election.In India still not even a single real leader came into rule and who fearlessly attempts to abolish this caste system.

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