Thursday, July 23, 2015

Great Business Behind Liquor Banning in India

In India Political parties are now raising voices in supporting Ban on Liquor.From them people are now catching it and came to streets for protests . Liquor banning in India is not possible .Already more than 80% people were addicted to it including male and females ,
India is now becoming one of the largest consumer of liquor.

Ban uplifted Banning :
         Gujarat Banned Liquor once but now they allowed liquor in certain parts in mid while there were black market in selling illegal liquor was held at certain places .
        Likewise Tamilnadu ,Andhra pradesh were also tried these things in past and got failure in complete prohibition .
         In Tamilnadu Toxic Liquor dead is happing in villages even though Government is currently selling liquor in their own TASMAC shops .If they ban Liquor means later many will die by drinking Toxic Liquors .
         Current Problem in Tamilnadu is Opposition political parties claiming 100% Liquor ban in Tamilnadu .
          Tamilnadu government is gaining thirty thousand crores in selling liquor around state .
Accident rate in Tamilnadu is high and suicide rate also high due to liquor addiction .Even school children's are drinking liquor in Tamilnadu .

Business behind ban :
                    When all the liquor shops were closed means people will be going on search for illegal liquor .So there will be a big black market in liquor selling .Sometimes people may die in large amount by in taking toxic liquor .
                   Recently Andhra pradesh government announced On-line selling of liquor and free home delivery of liquor scheme  .
                   Very soon Online Liquor sales coming in India with free home delivery (Beware) (Business) (Flipkart)(New Start-ups)
                  Here is a one point to think these online business will be maintained by private sector so that they may gain lot of money by doing this business .From them political parties will gain huge amount as donation to their parties or member of political party will run this business.There will be double gain.
               In Tamilnadu political parties are asking to ban liquor shops permanently which was maintained by the government cooperate TASMAC but same political parties are not asking private bars to ban liquor selling ,Star hotels and many private clubs are selling large amount of liquor in cities they are selling the liquor bottles beyond MRP(maximum retail price) government fixed rates but these political parties are not requesting private bars to be closed because they are the owner of those private bars and clubs .If they banned Government bars means they can get more or gain by attracting those customers to their bars.
                If Liquor is banned in Tamilnadu means illegal liquor sales will be high and Toxic liquor death will also be high. Online selling of liquor will be high , Private bars liquor selling will also be high .
100% Liquor ban is not possible in India now already most of the people were addicted to it.

People have to change :
People have to think and change by themselves .They have to stop drinking instead of protesting against government .Good lessons to be taught in schools/parents but where teachers are drinking in school time.The responsibility about good society is very less in India .
Liquor drinking is dangerous to health , So please avoid it .

Being a Teetotaller
Krishna Kumar G