Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beyond Future : Converting Pollution into Energy

Always I use to think beyond future
Reverse Engineering
Converting Pollution into Energy

World is polluted in many way by the human being over centuries.This may cause various dangerous effects to the nature.When nature losses its stability to survive then automatically we can't live in this world anymore.
So we have to act fast to cure the affected nature.Instead we are polluting it again.

It should be an end when we start to work on this reverse Engineering project.we can achieve our goal so fast and protect the nature from its danger .

Converting Pollution into Energy :

                            Everyone of us know this world is already polluted more than its we have less time to act against it.People are reaching renewable energy in less amount but this can stop pollution in less amount than we expected but its also a way for cure.but Now we have to act fast as we can.
Already in our hand we have pollution in various types example Air pollution,water Pollution,Radiation and some Hazards pollution's.
we can make use of this pollution into energy here I give few example

Waste Garbage's can be used to make energy in many ways
By landfill method we can produce Methane gas which is a natural gas can be used in many ways.
Natural urea can be produced by mixing it with earth worm and the remains can be used to fertile agricultural land.

  A ship can sail upon sea by using the polluted water .Travelling Ship should absorb the Oil Particles from the surface of the sea and make use of it into energy .So that it can reduce the oil pollution in the sea waters .so that sea inhabitants can survive.
Here polluted water is used into energy .Same way various pollution can be used into energy if we work together.

Krishna Kumar G