Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The King

My father used to call me KRISHNA RAJA ( Krishna The King )
He treated me like a KING
and he is no more
I miss him so much

Do you know what my Mom used to call me like.......
Do you know how i used to call myself.....?
Do you know how my friends used to call me like.........
Do you know how my enemies used to call me like.....
Do you know how

Thursday, May 21, 2015


மதிப்பெண்களால் வாழ்க்கை மதிப்பிடபடுவதில்லை

மதிப்பெண்களால் மதிப்பிடபடுவதில்லை வாழ்க்கை

வாழ்க்கை மதிப்பெண்களால் மதிப்பிடபடுவதில்லை 

 மதிப்பிடபடுவதில்லை  வாழ்க்கை மதிப்பெண்களால்

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm Jobless

This is not only my What's app status but its real in my Life (Thug Life)
This was my Status now
"I'm Jobless  Useless : Web designer, Film Maker, Blogger,Youtuber, Adsense, Traveller, Social Worker,
Care Taker, Freelancer: Simple Man

Monday, May 4, 2015

Corruption is Legal in India

Yes Corruption is Legal in India :

 According to Indian Law Corruption is illegal in India but this Law is not enforced properly to all sectors in India. After India got its Independence from British rule (15 August 1947) its economy started to fall steadily due to corruption .
India has strong law against corruption but enforcing is not strong as much.
So People of India mostly thinking that corruption is legal in India .
Corruption is everywhere in India,There are various examples to prove it.

* Defense sector is most corrupted sector because India provides 60% of finance from its budget to defense
   sector every year.So it has lot of money to do so.
* Nearly 90% Government Staff will accept bribe inside or outside of their offices.So any work can be
   completed in government sector by providing bribe
* Transport sector has been corrupted 99% It has been almost 100% corrupted sector.
* Police is also 99% corrupted sector in India.
* Law firm is also corrupted sector in India. In court many cases are in pending more than 10 years and
   there is no justice to the really affected people. Due to corruption criminals are increased in India.
*Bribe and corrupted money are invested in Terrorism ,Drug deal and many more illegal activities .

Common People are heavily affected due to this corruption. They are spending too much money for bribe every year.If they doesn't provide bribe means they have to wait for years for their work to be done.So people are compulsorily requested to provide bribe to government officials because India is 95 % bribed country.
Don't think of what law says in India. but in Reality Bribe is legal in all sectors of India.

Every ruling party of India does corruption and they are not sentenced or punished by law instead they are set free to do any criminal acts in India and no one is bounded for corruption in India.Rarely few are punished for name sake or they may be  popularized by media for wrong cause.

According to me
Shadow of Indian  Law says "Corruption is Legal in India"

Krishna Kumar G