Monday, March 16, 2015

Crime Interlink

Reason behind the Crime is investigated after the Crime
Why Crime cannot be stopped before its been done.
Is it Impossible to stop a Crime.
Yes its million ways.

Usually every Crime has an interlink with the society and its people culture and thier behavior .

Even we can draw a map to find those interlinks.

Bribe => Poor=> Poverty => Child Labor=> Uneducation => Thieves => Weapons => Rape => Murder
Bribe => Rich => Politics => Kingdom =>Educational Institution =>Thieves=>Weapons=>Rape=>Murder

I have shown a simple steps till "Bribe => Murder" point of view.Here we have to learn that the Bribe has to be stopped to stop the serious of Crime after that, There may be various situation but I have derived it in few simple steps.Like this you can also analyze and find the solution to stop the Crime before it happen.