Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blown away by Gusty winds

She is perfect now
She is Good now
She is brilliant now
I Like her so much
from the past I've been waited for her to attain this level
Now she is in the level what I expected.
 I Love her so much. Her attitude is amazing .
Kisses to her.

But she is in my dreams not in my hands.
Far away she is ....

Now Status/Financially/Economically I'm not fit to her.
She is in Top Level in Life and also in my Heart.

She is living into my Soul and Heart .
She is adorable

But she is not coming down to give up hand and Raise me up, Instead she is calling me to the top without ladders.
Little bit we have to reduce our ego in between us.

@Krishna Kumar G ♥