Wednesday, February 25, 2015

InExploring Pondicherry

I have learned to spend a day in Pondicherry in very less expenditure in minimum 100 rupees.
Gained this knowledge by traveling in public transport or by walk,Planing to buy a cycle in Pondicherry but don't know a place to keep it safe.
I like this city in every aspect. Few things make me worried that's cleanliness in city is not much good.
When I was young I use to go with my parents may be end of 80's and early 90's when city looked so beautiful to me.
Heritage Town was so good,Beach with sand and algae on rocks people surfing on waters.
Less vehicles no conjunction in Traffic .
In those days only foreigners will be holding cameras in their hand and clicking everything they see but now its upside down our Indian people are holding cameras and foreigners are free hands . Many Professional
photographers are rolling everyday around the town.
In Inside city we can get anything thing we want which means everything is available now.
Still one thing missing in this city its nothing but Night Life. Streets and shops went blank in night only few pubs are opened till mid night in Hotels.
On sunday city will be looking different
In those days no shops will be opened on Sundays all the shutters will be closed but now nearly 40 to 50 recent shops are opened on Sundays as usual Sunday market will be there.

In my Collage days 2002 to 2006 I used to go there by bike .
I use to go to Auroville Beach until 2004 before Tsunami hit the town it was so beautiful .
We friends in mid day  use to swim and play with foreigners that's was one of happiest moments in my life .
In night we use to meet them in Beach and we will talk with them about various things.
Everyone will say the same thing India is beautiful but its not clean.everywhere plastic paper flying over.

In 2005  first time went to Aurobindo Ashramam on new year day its was cool but I personally don't like it .I don't know why People from everywhere come here most of them were very rich peoples,This place is not free to move around they have certain rules we have follow them.We must be silent as people meditate all around.Seems to be sleeping.

Very costly foods are there in some restaurants but their behaviour to customers are not much good Their motive is only pulling money from tourists and providing good service good service.Foods are not much good taste to eat.
Still I have to explore more street foods ......I have tried bit but there is some lack of cleanliness in it.
I need a perfect friend to guide me from the city.