Wednesday, January 14, 2015


My Identity in various parts of the world
Just an Imagination and fun loaded
How we have been treated around the world by Intelligence agencies
No Privacy everywhere .

CIA (United States )

OBJECT   : 6831000001922196352
SUBJECT : Active
PURPOSE : Termination

FBI (United States)

OBJECT : 0910414207607802
PURPOSE : Unknown

MI6 (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT : 42913849322081983007
CAUSE     : Global Trading

MOSSAD (Israel)

נושא 123,975
משימה: שימוש ברשת
שימושים: עשו שימוש בIntelegence הנושא 

ISI (Pakistan)
 ليس في قائمة 

ISD (Singapore)  

NOTIFIED: Business Executive

SSD (North Korea)

사람 : 아니 우리의 목록

IB (India)

कृष्ण कुमार जी नाम
आधार में कोई रिकॉर्ड
टैक्स का भुगतान नहीं
हिन्दी नहीं जानता
मां तमिल जीभ
भारतीय पासपोर्ट धारक    
महत्व : भारत की जनवादी गणराज्य
सभी लिपिक वर्गीय मामलों के लिए अग्रेषित 

(Note : Everything Translated in Google)

From these type of monitoring is there any use for me........
Everyday begins with Morning Sunshine and Ends with Moon and Stars.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Indian Mass Job Cuts Starts

Let's wait and see How Indian government handles TCS large job cut problem.....!
I'm not saying this .....!
other Company CEO's are watching it with curiosity ...bcoz after seeing the result they will take further steps on their company job cuts
On my Facebook profile 3 to 4 months before I said about an MNC Pharma company job cuts in Bangalore. No one cared know about it.....!
Corporates needs only business and not you and your story....

Most of the Indian company will fail in auditing this year.
Online marketers like flikart ,ebay ,amazon,snapdeal,Shopclues & etc are getting boom.
Online Marketing Business going to reach the milestone..1 Lakh crores of annual income.

#2015 has many sad stories to be said in #2016
This is my Forecast towards this year

"Make in India" is "Make Use of Indians"

Krishna Kumar G

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pain Never stops me

Yesterday My Mom dropped cooking Oil pocket on Tiles floor and oil spilled everywhere in kitchen ..
So i planned to clean in today morning . So in morning I started to clean the floor with water and floor cleaner.. In mean while i found silver vessel fully filled with water was on floor.So i lifted it to keep away from cleaning area.

                  I took 2 to 3 steps with that silver vessel which was nearly 25 kg when fully filled with water.Suddenly my legs dragged by spilled oil and i completely fell down .By dropping vessel on my left thigh .Pain spread ed all over and i tried to get up but i can't able to move because i hit  my left chest on floor was also on pain and rued me.
Then i called my Mom for help she came and tried to help me ..I said don't lift me i will get up within mins...because I know she can't able to help lifting I'm over weight.I just told her to take the vessel away were i was lying in water filled floor for nearly 10 mins and started to move with pain and sat down slowly but I can't able to get up.Later forced myself to get up on one right feet and slowly landed myself on both feet it was horrible pain...but I have seen these pain during my school days as a Football school team goal keeper.Players use to stamp my leg while I'm stopping the ball from goal post.Same pain it was.In 2008 while playing a small Football match in Neyveli stadium one player hit my left leg thigh back side with his knee while running and I rolled on ground for three times and Later taking treatment in Hospital I found my left Knee was slightly moved...they told me to band my leg for three months but due to my family situation I can't able to take further treatment so I remained with that pain still now and last year bike accident both legs were hurted and started to walk properly after 3 from today onwards another pain was added to my list....where already neck and back bone enamel disintegration also there with top priority .
Nothing to worry its usual thing happening to everyone but handling is matter...
I treat my pain as something for good..Lets go don't let it stop me anywhere anytime.
 Typing this post from bed rest due to pain.

Take care bye
Krishna Kumar G