Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'm Teetotaller

Most of the people judge me wrongly and Later they may be surprise to hear that

Guys know about me before you ask

Until now I'm a Teetotaller

I never Smoked
I'm not a Drinker

I live Happily .....

Please Avoid those bad habits and have a healthy life....

Krishna Kumar G

Monday, December 21, 2015

Posts Shot me down

On a single day
I was Shot down for all these posts..
and cooked myself into Nethili Karuvaadu..fry..
Still hurts lot...

16 Oct 2015 Posts

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Open Book

Book is a closed material which is accessible only to the buyers and lenders
Web/Blog is a open material which is open for everyone to view,read and download

Same way my life is a open book ,So I never need to hide anything from anyone. I'm accessible to everyone for every need.

Friday, December 11, 2015

hi to all

hi hi
how r u

updating my contact info

Mobile : +919894548319

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Non-Existence of Public Telephones

One decade before India was full of Public Telephone booths (PCO,STD,ISD).Govt of Telecommunication introduced One India One Rupee.Call India at one rupee (One Rupee Coin Booth). Many Public Telephones were brought to use for common people ,These types of public phones spread to Cities, Towns and Villages,Malls to Small shops,Bus stops to Airport. People were using it for various communications and it went great and successful .

Entry of mobile phone slowly degraded the use of Public Telephones in India after a decade 2015 no public telephones were found in most of the Cities,Towns and Villages, Already we have closed the Telegram system in India.and now we have no common communication devices.

Is It good that there is no Public telephones at public places.No its a bad thing

In Emergency you cannot contact anyone ,Even though we have mobile phones There should be public telephone booths.In state of Emergency Public communication is essential

During Thane Cyclone in 2011 Dec 30 we get out of electricity for more than seven days and our mobile phones went out of charge on day 2 later we struggle to communicate for anything we needed.We felt that we just went to a stone age at a matter of time.On that time I searched for public telephone and I didn't found a single public Telephone on my area .

Let I give another example if you are in Travelling to a place and imagine your phone gets out of battery and you are at a new place and you just want to contact someone by phone call ..what will you do.Yes you will search for public telephone booth but now its not there.Then what will be your option .Will you go and beg to others for a phone call by asking their mobile ? How many are willing to give you ?

Like this above story there are many reasons to justify this fact

We need public telephone on all public places or at all government offices and all bus stops ,Whatever the call cost it should be installed immediately

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Terrorism Links to Nations Development

Hunting Suspect of Human bombing
Investigation of Attacks
Agents under cover operation
Terrorism Links
Sleeper cells
Trade under Terrorism
Religion and Community is used as the source of Terrorism

Yes Terrorism is the main source of nations development.There are various example to prove this.
There are many terrorist attacks happened in the past century but we just leave it but don't ignore it,and Lets discuss it from the year 24 Dec 1999 Kandahar plane hijack of "Indian Airlines Flight IC 814" The plane was hijacked from Nepal to Kandahar including in between three country landing and people were kept as hostage for seven days at last ended with release of three terrorist from prison by Indian government. These Three terrorist since then have links to 9/11 Twin tower attack ,Mumbai Terror attack and several Terrorism activities all over the world,They are not Talibans or Al Qaeda's.
They are different Islamist groups of Pakistan and Indian based but they funded to 9/11 attacks which was held by Al Quaeda under the leadership of Osama bin laden.Who was again killed by US navy seal insurgent attack in 2011,Later there were few sleeper cell attacks held all over the world but it was brought under control by several nations anti terrorism joint work.

After that,The world became silent there were no trade and there were financial crisis .Many countries came to peace talks but suddenly there was a start of new terrorist attacks in Iraq,Syria and few middle east nations in the new name of ISIS, New Islamic group of Terrorist started its attack on Oil fields of Syria and Iraq people living in those countries were scattered and killed by extreme bio weapons .Even bio weapons were not found in during Sadam hussein rule over Iraq,Several raids were made during that time to prove this by US and UN.The country don't have bio weapons at that time but now it has under the hands of Terrorist .

ISIS and OIL Trade to World :

       According to various sources ISIS has four big  oil fields and one oil refinery under its control.ISIS group of terrorist recruiting Engineers and workers to its oil fields with high pay salary.They sell Crude Oil at a price of  25$ to 30$ per barrel were actual market price is $ 41 per barrel . So Trucks from Iran Turkey Egypt and several European countries come to this Oil fields and wait in long queue to fill there tanks.Even they wait for a month to fill their tanks in trucks.So they get cheap oil under ISIS terrorism regime Syria .

         Now US enters the game in attack of ISIS terrorist and kills many civilians in air strikes and creates new Rebel groups against ISIS and gives them weapons and training .On the Northern side Kurdish regime were ISIS mostly don't go there for several reasons .There were a year of undeclared war against ISIS by US joint forces , were France deployed most of its forces , They killed millions of Civilians-and destroyed their properties and made the civilians to flee from their own country , People of Syria started to migrate to European countries mostly to Germany by their foot , They crossed several blockage in between countries and many reached Germany safely and many can't they dropped their asylum in Greece Italy Hungary Russia UK Spain France and few other than European countries open their doors to pick up few migrants to their nations but middle east countries avoided to take refugees from Syria . and there is strong possibility incursion of  ISIS terrorist in the name of refugees,So few countries avoid those burdens in accepting them as refugees .

After refugees were gone over now  Syria is clear ground and now the battle begins ISIS ,US and joint forces,Rebel groups,Assad army Syrian armed forces and Kurdish army ,They destroyed Syria into pieces Tankers were deployed and Several Air strikes happened all over Syria and no one counted the exact amount of causalities in Syria.Since now no Oil fields were attacked its protected by all nation armed forces and also by Terrorists because this the main source for the war . ISIS earns money from Oil fields they buy weapons and run the organisation by this Oil source without Oil ISIS is no more .

Later Russia enters the war in the name of protecting the Assad regime government,They deployed several Air strikes in main cities and took the main Air field under their control They took missile attacks from ships which caused many causalities among civilians . US came against Russia attacks as those attacks were not against ISIS but they were against their trained Rebel groups , So all nations were fighting each other in this war for OIL . UN kept silent in this issue.

We can say it as OIL war instead of declaring it as war against ISIS or terrorism.

11/13 Paris coordinated multiple attacks has links to this Syrian war.because France forces in war against ISIS in Syria .Nearly 200 people were assaulted in Paris attack for demanding justice for Syrian war ,World mourns for it England German US and many nations showed their support to France ,France government declared state of War against ISIS groups,

Unknown Hackers declared war against ISIS by a Video in "Youtube"

Before the Paris attacks Russian passenger jet plane was taken down in Sinai by 1kg of Explosives which killed 129 people on board , This attack was made by ISIS and they took the responsibility for the attack but Russia didn't accepted it because there were no ISIS fond in the place of attack and Russia announced the cash prize of 50 $ million to the person who gives the clue to find the attackers.

Russia suspect the hands of US agents in these attacks for the Syrian war .

I didn't spoke about Israel Palestine conflicts , India Pakistan issue ,Boko Haram , China's financial development and crisis to rest of the world , Russia and US ,

I started it from 1999 Kandahar Plane hijack and ended in 11/13 Paris attack but you can start the story from anywhere else  and end it at anywhere else and the total result will give you  the interlinks between the Terror attacks and Nations hand behind it .

If Time Permits
I will Continue with more details just follow the blog

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One decade of bad time

One decade of bad time finding ways to stop it soon ,It started in 2005 and continuing till 2015.
Tried all possible ways to get out of it but I can't able to make through it .
Alone all time while facing most of the troubles
It all went like dreams lost many of my closed ones
Sprains and Pains all over and this should not continue further more.
Have to stop it soon.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm Totally Free

I feel totally free today 15 Nov 2015
my mind is free
no commitments
and nothing to do.
just have to go to the hotel for lunch and dinner that's all
its raining weather and chill breezing wind,The place is so cool....

Another part is searching for a new girl friend
Want to start a new journey
since then before never felt that

Going to study some courses

Going to make more money
Going to fulfil my desires .

Going to Start a new business
Its going to be an International business

Want to settle in life as I like

I feel Like I'm Free Totally free Single

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blocked True Love

I thought she went off and So I kept me away but my larling just blocked me away ...ha ha it was unexpected so called fun.."Issue happened last month 16 October but yesterday only now I noticed it.
I'm really innocent about this issue . I thought it was a simple matter but it is hurting me at every corner.

I came down to earth to give you hands and make you rise up.
I committed my true love and started to express it but I was blocked in the beginning itself ..
Ok I accept it and it was not the first time I'm experiencing it and hope you too.We both have a long untold history.We will easily understand the facts running around us.

I think Only a single word I spoke to you "Hello" after a decade.On a unexpected unknown phone call...After a long time you heard my voice just recognized me easily with that single word that's enough.Where I stand there.

Congrats & hope You may come back and you will.
Enjoy the life and have fun.
I'll wait for you....Hope its God's plan....nothing can stop this.
All time single is now single again.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

2 nd year after bike accident

2 years back I met with 2 bike accidents in a day.............1 Nov 2013
hurt my ribs neck back bone knees shoulders fingers .......everything displaced.........MRI & CT scan says that........every movement is pain for life time........Doctors says that........ha ha its a fun game...........Still I have Lot to do.............and I will do it....

But that accident changed my life style.......but not my attitude.
Oct 14 2015 picture
For Last year post

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Make in India : Indian women becoming surrogate birth mothers for foreigners

India is really a poor country with more Multi millionaires who has top name list in Forbes Magazine
In India most people are spending less than half a dollar a day to feed their family.

India is the biggest democratic nation in the world . People are mislead by politicians at every corner.

India has really no self development by globalisation but it automatically develops due to Internal economic stability made by agriculture and its own historic social infrastructure .

Due to globalisation India becomes consumer for all other developed nations.They sell their product in India .They open shops and malls in India and give jobs for Indians and sell product to Indians and take away the money from India.People were made to think themselves as development in India means more branded showrooms and malls all over India. Due to this type of globalisation Indians became slaves to branded product items and forgot their hand looms and handicrafts homeland products .

Next to the globalisation is "Make in India"

We were expecting "Made in India" but India welcome foreign nations to make their products in India called "Make in India" and sell them in India. It is the future of globalisation .
In globalisation they made product in their own country and sold it to India but now they make products in India and sell it to Indians. It reduces transport and export charges for foreigners .

This is a free way made by politicians of India for foreign nation investors to loot India.

Even though India is not yet destroyed its still surviving its amazing to see that India has some stability to withstand all the invaders as economically politically and geographically .

Now Make in India touch the humanity of Indian people. Indian women are giving up their womb to foreigners. Indian women are becoming surrogate birth mothers for foreigners.Test tube baby (IVF) is a slight old developed technology in child birth. Women in India are renting their womb to foreigners for producing child for them. By renting the womb they earn some money to meet their monthly household needs.This scheme may also indirectly come under "Make in India" due to globalisation.But this outbreak news became larger than expected so government trying to ban it but poor people who already inserted fertilized chromosome into their womb will be affected and they may not get rent money and they may not give the child to the respective person after child birth so that they have to take care of that someone's child after birth,This becomes more burden for them . Now what the government will do for them.

இன்னும் என்னை என்ன செய்ய போகிறாய்

நாம் சந்தித்த முதல் சந்திப்பு
பசுமை பூத்ததுபோல் இன்னும் என்னுள்ளே தேங்கி நிற்கிறது

நான் உன்னுடன் எதற்ச்சையாக  பேச நீ என்னை பார்க்க ,
அது என்னுள்
நாம் ஏற்க்கனவே பழகியதுபோல் ,எதோ ஒரு உணர்வு ..
கண்கள் கலந்து சற்று சிலிர்த்து போனேன்
அதுவரை நான் பேசிய யாரிடமும் அப்படி நான் உணர்ந்ததில்லை

அன்று முதல் இன்றுவரை அந்த உணர்வுக்கும் உறவுக்கும்
அர்த்தம் எனக்கு விளங்கவில்லை

நம் தேகம் தீண்டியதில்லை
நாம் சரியாக பேசியதுகூட இல்லை
நம் சந்திப்புகள் கூட சரியாக நேர்ந்ததில்லை

நீ வேறு நான் வேறு
இருவரும் எட்டாத இடத்தில் இருக்கிறோம்

வேறு வேறு திசைகளில் நாம் சென்றாலும்
காலம் நம்மை மீண்டும் இணைக்க முயல்கிறது

எதோ மாயைபோல் மீண்டும் ஒன்று சேர்ந்து விடுகிறோம்
நமக்குள் என்னமோ எதோ ........இருக்கிறது
அது நட்பா பகையா அல்லது காதல
என்று தெரியவில்லை
அதை எண்ணி எண்ணி வியக்கிறேன்

சில நேரம்
நட்பில் தொடங்கி காதலில் வளர்ந்து பகையில் முடிகிறது


பகையில் தொடங்கி நட்பில் வளர்ந்து காதலில் முடிகிறது

இது என்னவென்றே எனக்கு புரியவில்லை

மீண்டும் உனக்காக நான் காத்துகிடக்கிறேன்

"இன்னும் என்னை என்ன செய்ய போகிறாய்" அன்பே  அன்பே  என்று

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Untouchable vs Humanity

Few years back 
It happened me once In my best friends house
My friend took me for lunch in his home 
They served food happily 
 but later 
They threw the glass away after I drank up water with that.
They threw up the plate away after I ate the food in it.
 Because I'm Untouchable
These things happened after I left their house and same friend said this to me after few days.
This incident hurt me more because they have (racism) caste discriminated me .
Even though I thanked him for my friend even though their parents don't like me and I was happy because they atleast gave me Water and Food.

There should be change in the society and there should be change in culture.

Humanity should be retained .

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Friends may be Trouble

"அனேக சிநேகம் பிரானசங்கடம்"
(Having more friends is Trouble for life time)

10 years back On a Train Journey towards Andhra Pradesh a man said this on seeing my friends gang.
Its a True word.
Many guys would have experienced it in their real life time.
In Facebook life time.(Timeline)
ha ha ha
☝ ☯ ⌘ (I can't paste more emoji's than this)
Already I've shrunk my friendship boundary to a very less people but newly it started expanding out of control (automatically)........
Fear surrounds.......
Lets face it.............♥
▶️ Krishna Kumar G◀️

My info is Public Well I knew that

don't know how to say......
Hi friends all your info's are in public ( I can't able to point the group of people)
just found this in few Google searches ...
Your email ids,mobile numbers and Pictures.......
Your Private group chats....
Sema comedy ya irukku.....

My info is public already / I don't care about it....
(Believe this line when you are in Internet)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Modern History Warfare

Topic might be quite interesting

Yes ! , History repeats in Modern Warfare.Here we are going to discuss about Influence of History in Modern Warfare.

These are different kinds of war from past we are facing in this world

War for Gods
War for Land
War for People
War for Food & Water
War for Nothing
War for Peace

There also some few types of war which cannot be consider as direct war

War against Terrorism
War against Cyber attacks or Cyber bullying
War against drugs
War against Human Trafficking
War against Poverty
War against Genetic change
War against Nuclear
War against Bioweapon

Let I continue...........Wait

Monday, October 5, 2015

Change in Companies Culture

No CEO No Boss No Rules
No Dress Code No Rooftops 
Even without any investment companies are arising

There is a large change in companies culture in past two decades .

Let I continue Wait...........

Did YOU know ?
*Uber*, the world's largest taxi company owns no vehicles.
*Facebook*, the world's most popular media creates no content.
*Alibaba*, the most valuable retailer has no inventory.
*Airbnb*, the world's largest accommodation provider owns no real estate
*Apple*, with sales of over 200 million smart phones and tablets does not own a factory.
*Whatsapp*, with 3 Billion messages a day does not own servers.
*Mr Surya Sinha*, Sapphire Manager, Forever Living Products India, with Rs 4 Crores+ earnings in 2015, has no office or stocks or employees.
Disruptive, innovative and collaborative consumption is shifting the lines of the economy.
The future belongs only for those who are Highly FOCUSED & THINKS DIFFERENTLY..

Me and My Proposal

I can't Propose any one
Never ever do that
Don't know why
It may be fear or shy
or anything else
I won't propose anyone.......
I hate that.

Someone may wait for my proposal but I'll never do that.

It shows I'm slave to them and I feel I'm loosing my dignity while proposing .
Most of the guys propose but I won't.
But I may accept proposal........
I already got proposals and I don't like them because they are not good in their behaviour and not perfect for me.I may be judged wrong.

I'm waiting for my dear to propose me.I will accept that proposal only.Nothing about my proposal.

Instead she is trying to make me to Propose her ...........
But How I will do that Honey ?......................Its a Trap....Ego Trap.

I'm Waiting........... the word she doesn't like

It became a life game......but makes me more pain......

Friday, October 2, 2015

One day Internet Shutdown

Obviously this is everyone's hidden expectation "Internet Shutdown" but they can't bare it when situation comes.

One day Internet should be shutdown around the world .
Want to see how People will  react and face that situation.

It would be interesting thing to know about it ..........

Online Banking will be stopped .
Share Market will fail to rate
Communication devices will lost contacts
GPS will stop showing directions
Many offices will run out of connections .works will be stopped.
Servers may fail to execute data's
Main thing would be social media won't  work .So people may not get connect with their friends.

Usage of computers,Tablets, mobile phones will be reduced

Usage of Electricity will be reduced

Carbon Emission will be reduced

We can reduce the world heat

We can reduce climate change

We may hangout for a picnic with family and it would be more enjoyable than Internet.

Lets make one day Internet shut down and enjoy that day.

#ShutDownInternet #ClimateChange

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Modi the Brand figure of Hindutva

Modi is a brand figure of Hindutva in India .
Modi was called NAMO during 2014 Central Elections
Where NAMO was the brand name used by BJP for the Election 2014 and they succeed in it.
They won the Election with this brand name and Narendra Modi became prime minister of India (2014)

Now Modi is getting huge welcome all over the world and he is also getting caught in huge controversies .

Modi is now the brand name too.
Modi is photo freak, He is fond of taking selfies too
Modi Seems to be fame lover

He travelled all over the world and meeting most of the great nation leaders in a year.On his travelling plans they dedicatedly promote the modi brand as 'Under his Sovereign India shines'.
Same Modi was rejected many times to obtain US visa until he became prime minister in 2014 .

He used his brand figure in promoting many schemes like
 "Clean India" "Make in India" "Digital India"
and some Yojana's under Insurance Schemes.

He even called people to give up LPG subsidy and some came forward to do that.

He always make him visible to people to maintain his brand image in various ways like
Social media Facebook,Twitter,Instagram
National Television speeches
All India Radio Speeches (Mann ki Baat)
His own websites and various websites
Connecting people by mobile SMS,Apps.

Hindu people around the world were attracted towards his brand figure acts.

He is under the political party BJP which is supported by RSS and some Hindu organization .

During Obama visit to India Modi was wearing a shirt with his own name sewn repeatedly which cost above 10 lakhs rupees.Which made controversies and they sold that shirt for bid and they restored the money to Indian wallet .

Modi not only brand figure he is also king of controversies from his early periods.
few below
His hands on Gujarathi riots , Hiding his Wife name in Elction nomination files,His friend Amith shah in Fake encounter case during his rule in Gujarat .

In India Minority people are in confused stage in supporting Modi because his speeches and activities are like against them.They always feel insecure while BJP rules the nation.

Modi the brand figure on imposing languages,
Modi loves Hindi more than Gujarathi his own mother tongue  and he feels shame that he learned Hindi so lately .
Modi in the beginning of his rule in 2014 he tried to impose Hindi in all states ,He even proclaimed Hindi is a national language and should be made common subjects in all schools in India.
But in reality Hindi is not Official National Indian Language .

This brand figure may fade on coming years because his missions are mostly becomes failure at he end . The BJP is using this brand figure only for promoting their party towards people and to win in Elections.
They are not concerning about the people benefits . They are just completing the Tasks what  they learned in RSS camps.

According to my point Nation leader in India should be secular even though  he is priest or scholar or preacher to any religion he should maintain his secular attitude while ruling the nation.
India is a place where all religious people live .Should not collapse the national integrity for political gains.

Branding the name or figure or schemes is very important to political parties to promote their parties or leaders , But on the end of branding  people should be gained with benefits or the brand may fade soon.

On the whole Modi brand figure rules the nation which was preceded by Namo brand name.

AMMA The Brand Name

AMMA the brand name of Jayalalitha in India .
Amma in Tamil means Mother in English
AMMA (Madam) some times used to honour an elderly women as in respect to call her without intimating her name.As Madam in English we use to call women in respect.

After 1996 to 2000 this name was created to brand her by her party members.They started continuously calling her as mother(AMMA).

In 2001 they won the state Election with this brand name.

Jayalalitha real name was Komalavalli 
The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu (2015)

She uses this brand name for Products,Schemes and in Systems of the Tamilnadu government .
Which gets more recognition at first and later fades due to lack of maintenance .

I list out some brands name under AMMA

Amma Mobiles
Amma Theatre 
Amma Unavagam (Hotel)
Amma Water bottle
Amma ........

Male Amma :
Before 1996 to 2000 and after 1978, AMMA the brand name was given to Melmaruvathur Adigalar or Bangaru Adigalar a Hindu saint man who has huge asserts in Melmaruvathur town .Who performs holy rituals and give blessing to people who visits his temple and He is the President of Adiparasakthi Charitable Medical Educational and Charitable Trust.Still people who worship in his Adiparasakthi temple call him as Amma. Here different is a male person is called as Amma in Tamil which means mother in English . It may quite sound different but he was called like that because people think that he is the holy representative of God Adiparasakthi a female goddess .

I list out some brands name under AMMA
Amma Padal (Songs)
Amma Prasatham (Food)
Amma Arul Vakku (Prophecy)

Atlast I don't want to get interfere into their personal life and their histories . I personally spotted the similarity in their brand names.Everyone knows about this in Tamilnadu but they don't much talk about this.As both of them in high position and power. One day in future people will speak out about this.
Whoever may be and no where in the world people used mother as brand name as Tamilians did and accepted it.

Being Tamilian .

Krishna Kumar G

Monday, September 28, 2015

Influence of Facebook in India

Facebook was found in February 4 2004 but it doesn't get much popular in India until 2007.
People of India were using Orkut at that time.Later slowly facebook took a giant step in India.Millions of users were adding up daily.Indian population is now the largest users of facebook.

Facebook have direct and indirect influence in many countries matters.

Facebook is banned in many countries

Facebook was about to make a revolution in Egypt

Facebook made many students to protest in UK.

Still facebook is working in many good things and also bad activities .

We could not say facebook is the direct responsible for all those incidents

But it worked as a medium in many issues.....

I sometime guess facebook works directly on some issues
by influencing people to some of supporting  programs,advertising,political and diplomatic changes.

Sometimes I personally feel facebook hand was in 2004 India Election indirectly.

(While you login in facebook you will first see some of the Indian political leaders  page post and later you will scroll down, It was a hidden program of facebook )

few days back 2015 they influenced people to come against net neutrality in India.

Now they are  influencing people to activate the feature by Supporting 'Digital India' program.

So be careful of facebook they are influencing you and in background they are moving their business.

People are changing their profile picture in support of digital India , Its good but in hidden unknown way you are also supporting

In support of digital India You are actually changing profile picture and its not facebook profile picture
Pride avatar

here is code picture or screen shot of my facebook digital India support page.

Only 2 profile picture campaigns have conducted by Facebook in favour of LGBT and Digital India.
Leave it that's their choice between you have been used without your knowledge .
Even modi was used.
In gap facebook submitted 17 lakhs signatures to TRAI in support of

In your facebook news feed page you may have spotted this survey if you were in India . 

India Digital and Facebook

Hello bro's India is already Digital ......
Aadhaar progress for 1.2 billion people by biometric system.
Every government offices were already connected with Intranet and Internet .
1 billion people with mobile phones
Facebook is just a social media just like G+,Orkut ,Twitter and etc.

Facebook Digital India Program
Due to Narendra Modi visit to facebook head office in US. they provide this free logo or Profile Picture tricolour shades . I had one for this blog not for my fb pro pic.

Even though Facebook doesn't protects 10% of our privacy
We believe its the place we dwell.

Mark Zukerberg said in India we will connect rural people with internet and I doesn't know how its possible by facebook (  because Indian government already provides internet all over India by Telecom service providers.Where who have mobile with data package can access internet all over India in 2G,3G,4G bands according to the service providers Data package plans.

Here Mark Zukerberg said he would provide free internet by using, It may arise financial crisis in Indian telecom sectors who already provide this feature under the guidance of TRAI.

So Mark jumps to the basic features of free internet and even its accessible by any mobile (without internet) through SMS.

But it has also been failed in India because (USONET ) Basic internet service by SMS method to access facebook under any Telecom service providers in India with cost of 10 rupees per week (7days) .So monthly people have to pay 30 rupees from their mobile for activating this service.

Indian people wont do this because they are recharging their mobile for just 10 to 50 rupees per month for Talk time which is lower than 1$ US dollar.Most of them give missed call to connect or intimate to call back them because of low balance .

Facebook is a unsuccessful failure project  all over the world Particularly in India.

India is already digital...........even though you believe its not digital just wait for few years it will reach the place what you believe . It has all the source for it.

Screen shot of that support page

Many Indians Like this concept of support and updating their profile picture even Mark Zukerberg have updated his profile picture to this tricolour shade.

He has 3 facebook offices in India for expanding his business . India has 22 official languages . Facebook trying to provide their services in all Indian languages.Where now it reached few major languages in India.

I wish them and Thank them for their support India in all the mean ways . Let them connect people Digitally .
Hopefully .

PM India Narendra Modi political party support to this.
Patriotism have been triggered by Politics .....Political gain occurred by Advertising

I changed my profile picture to support Digital India, the Indian government's effort to connect rural communities to...
Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday, 27 September 2015

Change your DP in support of #DigitalIndia -
Posted by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday, 27 September 2015

Thanks Mark Zuckerberg for the support. I changed my DP in support of the efforts towards a Digital India. You too can change your DP at
Posted by Narendra Modi on Sunday, 27 September 2015 

Edited : 28/04/2017

 'Bio-metric Biological Slaves'
Birth to Death Certificate
Aadhaar mandatory

Sunday, September 20, 2015

World War 3

Recent days there is a sign of War in between great nations .
Particularly U.S and Russia .

They are alerting its military bases around the world to be ready and prepared for war.
according to some certain news sources .

There is sign of increasing its arms and nuclear weapons .

China also increasing its soldiers and weapons and its on high alert .

North Korea and South Korea also in the border of war at any time , There is some disturbance seen in 'No Man Zone' in between those countries .North Korea testing some missiles over its seas  and U.S keeps its ships and war planes focusing on North Korea.

Japan has treats in south china sea as its boundaries are shrinking and its been captured by china.

Middle East Oil source may be the reason for war by the greedy nations. Iran,Iraq and Syria will be the war zones during WW3

India and Pakistan may use nuclear weapon during this time and destroy the North west region of India.May be Punjab in India will face large damages when nuclear heads were used.

Radiation level of the world will also be increased after the World War 3.

The power of the ruling nation will be changed .

Poverty will arise

Economic crisis will arise

World war 3 will be the end of Wars. New nations will be created .


All above stories were my assumption according to various sources .


Krishna Kumar G

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Theatres and Online movie watchers

At first there were no Online charges for Ticket bookings in Cinema Theatres  but now all theatres are collecting online charges ......
Ticket Price{3D glass charge} + Online Charges + Parking Charges{Travel Charge} + Water Bottle or Coke + Popcorn = 350 rs to 450 rs minimum for a person .
2 film a month 900 rs.

Data card or Wifi Recharge 800 rs to 1000 rs , 15 GB to 40 GB for 28 days .according to service providers. 10 film a month. enjoy.

In Home relax watch the movies in Online .

Problem starts when you have GF or BF . If not you are saving your money.

Excluding persons who are still watching movies in 10rs ticket in Satyam theatre Chennai.
(Many don't know about this)

Some Low budget movies are not releasing in the theatres ,So we are forced to watch only big budget movies in theatres .So that we are missing many good films in theatres and watching the unwanted films, Due to the theatre owners who only buys big budget films for their more revenue . We watch the low budget films in online as those films were not reaching our areas.This also another reason for watching movies in online. Don't compare this with English movies that story is different.

I care about piracy but to break the piracy film producers should learn to release the movie online with low cost ticket
Try to release the movie officially in Online (Youtube) or in any website ,People will surely pay for it  and will enjoy it if its in good quality

Don't care about theatre workers if so you will miss your online direct revenue and in future you will be in streets , Theatres will not go down because of releasing new movies in online.Theatres will run as it is even though it will attract audience who even watched movies already in online if the movie is good.

nothing can replace theatre effect ...especially mass sound of audience ..and those cheer ups.So cinema halls will survive in future if they had proper up to date upgrades .

Edited 18 July 2016

5 ருபாய் க்கு தேறாத சமோசாவை 30 ரூபாய்க்கு விக்குறதும்
30 ருபாய் MRP போட்டு இருக்கிற அமுல் கூல் குளிர் பானத்த்தை 50 ருபாய்ன்னு தியேட்டர்களில் விக்குறதும்..
30 ருபாய் Coke கை அரை லிட்டர் கூட பிடிக்காத cup ல கொடுத்து ...80 ருபாய்க்கு விக்குறதும் .
அதை வாங்கி குடிக்க 120 ருபாய் டிக்கெட் வேற எடுக்கிறதும்..
இதுவேற இல்லாம
பார்கிங் டிக்கெட் 80 ருபாய் வாங்குற தியேட்டர்கள்.
இருக்கிற வரைக்கும் திருட்டு VCD யை ஒழிக்கவே முடியாது.
இதை பற்றி எந்த கோட்டு போட்ட வக்கீல் கோர்ட்டில் வழக்கு போடுவாங்க.
;- மக்கள் எதிர்பார்ப்பு
Edited 25 Nov 2016

ஆரம்ப காலத்தில் இணையம் மூலம் வாங்கப்படும் பொருட்களுக்கு சேவை கட்டணம் கிடையாது , ஆனால் அது படிப்படியாக உள்ளே வந்தது .
தியேட்டர் டிக்கெட் 120 ரூபாய் என்றால் அது 120 ரூபாய் தான் ஆனால் தற்போது Booking Charge என்கிற பெயரில் 30 ரூபாயை சேவை கட்டணமாக சேர்த்து 150 ரூபாய் என்று விற்கிறார்கள் .
ரயில் டிக்கெட் ,பஸ் டிக்கெட் எல்லாம் இப்படிதான் .
இணையம் பயன்படுத்தி நடக்கும் பகல் கொள்ளை இது .
ஒரு நபர் டிக்கெட் விநியோகம் செய்தால் கூட அவருக்கு சேவை கட்டணம் கொடுக்கலாம் ( ஆனால் இவ்வளவு கொடுப்போமா என்பது சந்தேகம் தான்) .
ஆனால் இணையம் இணையதளம் என்பது one time investment அவ்வளவு தான் பிறகு எல்லாம் server பார்த்துக்கொள்ளும் இடையே சிறு சிறு கோளாறுகள் வந்தாலும் குறைந்த செலவில் உடனே சரி செய்து விடலாம் ..
இப்படி யாருமே இல்லைதா இணைய பயன்பாட்டுக்கு நாம் சேவை கட்டணம் தாராளமாய் செலுத்துகிறோம் .
உதரணத்துக்கு 100 இருக்கைகள் உள்ள திரையரங்குக்கு இணையதளத்தில் அனைவரும் டிக்கெட் வாங்க ஒரு காட்சிக்கு Booking charge என்கிற பெயரில் 3000 ரூபாயை சேவை கட்டணமாக செலுத்துகிறோம் .
(அனால் அந்த 120 டிக்கெட் விலையிலே அரசு நிர்னைத்த அனைத்து கட்டணமும் அடங்கி விடும் என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது)
இது பகல் கொள்ளை தானே .
ஒரு இரண்டு வருடம் முன்பு கூட இந்த சேவை கட்டணம் கிடையாது என்பது குறிப்பிட தக்கது .

Krishna Kumar G

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boring days without Bike

Really boring I can't able to concentrate in any work
even I can't able to make videos for YouTube
I feel weak and lazy.

due to continuous hurts I'm really upset

After great 2 bike accidents on 1 Nov 2013 .
My bike is still not repaired 2 years it was just simply standing in the same place .
I want to make it get repaired because without bike I can't travel to any places.

few asked about my bike because they can't forget their ride in my bike such a way all of my friends travelled with me in my bike

I'm having it from early 2001
bike from my school days.......

Suzuki Fiero 2001 model
parts are not available in market.
searching for alternative to fix it

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Parthen Rasithen and my Life

Paarthen Rasithen Movie :

Actually I didn't watch this movie on release 11 Aug 2000 because while that time I was not watching any movies
I watched this movie in Television on year 2004 after a girl requested me to watch it because its like the same story of mine .
At that time I didn't liked this movie because of the first song copied English song which didn't look good Actor Prasanth was simply dancing in Malaysian streets and showing his ability of dancing .I just like the song
'Enakena Erkanave' Song and I didn't get into the story much well but I wanted to watch it again because I did not understand the story much well .So I've watched this movie now 2015 Sep 05 night in YouTube.Yes more than after 10 years this was revolving in my mind.

Wow what a performance every actors did it well at their best. kudos to Simran , Laila expressions was superb . Prasanth lead the story very well. I still felt 2 songs unnecessary 1st song and a song in Thailand beach like location copied choreography from a Hindi film song.

What's the connection between me and this film ?
  Yes there is post connection of this film ,which was released in year 2000 and same like incidence happened me in year 2003 - 2005, Even though I don't know about this connection because I didn't watched this movie but my girl friend revealed this to me .

Yes I had Simran ,Laila and Villan and same type of incidents happened in my life and both are still close to me but different climax.

Full story is in my Dairy and not in my blogs because of privacy of those 2 persons .
ha ha funny isn't it ya its true
its all happened just like that and there were twist and turns and at the end I'm single and alone.
Because my Laila is not true just like the laila appeared in the movie but Simran was same as in the movie and I handled that matter in a different way .....In my own style and got rid off it . both are safe and good . I'm too. I never thought No one got hurt yes we all were get into hurt .Days will cure us.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

This is another worst birthday 22 Aug 2015

Usually I won't celebrate my birthday .If so It will be so simple. My Mom will make Biriyani in my house and we enjoy with family.
In my childhood I wear new dress and give chocolates to my school class mates and house neighbours .Mutton  Biriyani  preparation in my house is  important event and tasty food in my Mom's preparation.Who even cooks on Ramzan celebration for Muslim neighbours .
Everyone will be happy My father my mother and my brother.

In College first year,my birthday came in first week ,I was staying in Hostel at Chidambaram,I forgot my birthday on that day that was an working day.When I came back to hostel from college went to Telephone booth to call my home (Thursday) to inform I'm coming home on tomorrow and my mom was crying on the end while receiving my call said today is your birthday we made Biriyani in the morning why you didn't came to home we were waiting ..It made me cry over the phone and ran to bus stand and took bus to home and reached 9pm and ate the food as my Mom prepared for myself.We celebrated the birthday at night .
Later I bought a cell phone second hand even though it was costly at that time because my Mom can contact me any time but that phone was used as telephone booth for most of my hostel mates to contact their home.Those days are really amazing .

After 2005 I have completely stopped celebrating my birthday with a big party to my friends . I never told to my My Mom that I was not celebrating my birthday because I don't want to spoil her love on me.
As usual She prepares biriyani for me .

In 2010 my father expired in march month and we were in difficult situation .Don't know were to shift the house and move to some where out of Neyveli. Past 5 years 2005-2010 we were crossing all the bad situation in our family.I was missing my father on that birthday.

From 2011 we settled in Cuddalore. Later that life is somewhat going normal with few struggles .
My Mom used to cook some non-veg dishes on my birthday and she gets me new dress to wear.

On 2015 my Mom is sick and not well so my house was so silent on that day.I got more wishes from friends and well known persons on my facebook profile ,Whats app and few calls.I didn't celebrated this birthday as usual the unusual was my My Mom was not well and I prepared non-veg food for her. 

I won't except anyone's wishes on my birthday instead  I wish everyone on their birthdays.
unfortunately this year I was expecting 3 persons wishes on this birthday and 1 person wished me was sister Karmugil my favourite loving and care taking person she was wishing me for past 3 years and I wish her too. Other 2 person didn't wish me.In that 1 was my relative who got lot of gifts from me and that person didn't wish me...Another one was my lovable one..

and my Mom is ok now.
My Mom's Love is My Happiness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Women Working is meant that they are Free ? Learning about Working Women in India.

In India today many of them think that Women working is their freedom even many working women in India believes this fact but that's not true on other way they get stability in life by their income but actually they don't get freedom instead they themselves pushing them into an uncomfortable zone.

In early ages , Women were working in India at various fields especially in farming weaving and also leading soldiers to the war. So women working in India is related to old ages and not just suddenly happened in 19th century or on after Indian Independence, Even for Indian Independence many women freedom fighters were participated in freedom struggles.They even served in INA.

Still in villages women are working in farm land ,Weaving clothes, Taking care of Cattle and doing many more works . Even though they do a hard work later they come to home and take care of their  children's and prepare food for house members and also does the job of House keeping . At the end She were not allowed to share the her Income with her parents rather than husband and not even allowed to spend it for her own purpose this is the real fact of most Indian women who living in villages.But in reality women working in villages are not considered as Working Women.

Not much difference in cities , Here Women are working in offices and various fields but most of  them have work space away from their family .They get good respect from others or co workers at work places when compared to women working in villages. They get good income as monthly salary and they even spend it for own purpose but they have to take care of their family , They even may have servant to do house hold things ,They will spend leisure time for other activities of their own choices . Their Children's get good education at schools but they don't have much time to take care of them.This keeps them in depression .Their Husband may also have good job and income so they may have good Economical life in cities but they may not have happy Life due to work stress and family stress which lead them to depression.Many Quit job to take care of her children and her family .

Abuses at work places are common in India . Nearly most of the working women in India may have faced abuses by co workers or by others. Sexual abuses also happens at many work places but these activities are not stopping women from working .

When they start to work they can get good income and respect so that they can stand in their own legs without depending on others.and can't assure that they are free .

Married working women is always under the pressure of her husbands control and unmarried women is not given permission by her parents to take it easy of her life  as granted .Always she is under control of society or she is controlled by someone for some issues.she is not 100% free she is dependent even though she earns .She even accepts it,This is the most happening conditions of working women in India now.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Periods and Peoples

In India,Most of the Guys in young age doesn't know even periods (Menstruation ) exists . My Personal experience as a boy never heard about periods but I have studied in my school books as Menstruation cycle but doesn't know about the suffering behind it.Not only the physical suffering and also the psychological social suffering .

In my young age after seeing the TV ad of Whisper and stay free I would ask my Mom and neighbours what is this all about they said its a bread pocket . I asked why don't we eat this next time we have to buy this but later found that it was a lie and something mystery hiding behind it ,And this is the experience of most of the guys in India.

This is how women in India behave that periods doesn't exists and that becomes problem for them when they are in public on their time of periods . Hold on, I'm a male and still not aware of all the problems faced by Girls.Just telling you about what I know according to my knowledge .

I have studied about it in my school days ((Boys only School) but in real time I came to know about periods on my early college days .From one of my Girl friend who had periods and suffering due to that ,She said she was on periods and having stomach ache.For the first time I'm hearing a word like this .Later Questioned her are you all right any problem shall I come and see you. she said nothing wrong she will be OK fine its an common thing but I don't understand what she is telling . So I was asking what is all about she explained me whole thing and disabilities and I understood her feelings ,Where my school books didn't taught me that during periods people will have pain, Later that incident I started to see every women and their sufferings which is not said openly to this outside world ,Leave this stupid story lets see beyond it.

Culture and Periods :
                             In Indian culture women were kept aside from home during period days, Its a typical culture ill treats women very badly. Women's were not allowed to use sanitary napkins during periods even though napkins exists but now its changed and shopkeepers were not changed they are still wrapping papers above the sanitary napkins while handling to the buyers .This shows some shy and cultural bondage which is not allowing to show the truth and reality about periods .Even today male persons feel shy to buy Napkins from shops and even females wont tell them to buy for them happens only on exclusion of parents and relatives.

Revelation of Periods :
                      Today world is changing, Period suffering is no more.Internet and social media's brings out everything handy.Still some people are not coming forward to discuss about it .Feel free to discuss about it on all platforms so that everyone will understand about women and their life ,There will be no hiding or keeping them away from society on periods .

Controversies and Out coming  :

Few months ago in Instagram a girl posted her bleeding on periods during her sleep and Instagram banned that picture for showing her bleeding to public later people were commenting against Instagram and Instagram came down and republished that picture again on its Wall.

A girl (Kiran Gandhi ) runs marathon on her bleeding and proves that she can do anything even on her periods and don't even need to hide herself from her own life.she said she made her decision to run free and not to wear a tampon because she wanted to highlight how women are often shamed for having their period.She practised marathon for a year and She realised she is on period on the day of her 1st marathon,she decided to do something unexpected – she ran the entire race free-bleeding, she doesn't want to leave the marathon because of periods and she completed marathon with bleeding "Run Free" she speaks more in her blog View. Congratulate her.

Many more stories are there to tell just I have denoted 2 incidents and its enough to you to shine in the world without fear and out of shame .

Edited :
Later On Youtube I've watched a video Explaining better about Periods in Indian way.
This Video has been published on 11th August 2015 one day later after my post was published.After seeing that on 14 th august 2015 and now I'm including it on my post , so you may understand better about Indian stands about Periods.Video by Youtuber Superwomen .

Another video I want to include
regarding expense of Sanitary napkin and people can't afford to buy so they use different materials which results in allergic and a women in Uganda found this product called OPAD
made of fabric cloth which is washable and reusable

Another Advance video
Tampons Vs Pads finally see those guys reaction

Here is another animation about how periods occurs

Another Indian men from city Coimbatore invented Cheap sanitary pad from seeing his wife using stained cloth which  is unhygienic way to protect bleeding .

Edited 21/04/2017

Sanitary Napkins have been taxed in India
There is Campaign to Tax Free Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary products are a necessity, not a luxury.
Social medias trend with these hashtags #LahuKaLagaan (Hindi word)

12% of women has access to Sanitary napkins were remaining 88 % are still surviving on traditional methods like cloth pads,dried leaves and newspapers. (Twitter@SheSaysIndia)

GST Tax rate on Sanitary napkins go up to 14.5%,Many were not afford to pay this Price.

Advanced Technologies make it simple

Sanitary napkin ATM's can be installed in Bus Stands.Schools,Colleges,Ration shops,Tourist places,Hospitals & etc.

Same way ladies should safely dispense the sanitary napkins after its usage that's very important,
Don't simply throw them inside toilets and flush it,It will result your house drainage to over flow.Cleaning it will cost you more.
Store it in a bin and give it to the garbage collector or burn it safely,There are few devices does this job "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer / Incinerator" It will burn your napkins within seconds and will destroy it safely.

Even Government can provide these facilities at a free of cost.

Extra Memes


Read More Articles About Periods :

The Wall Street Journal  : India’s Period Problem ( )

Moon Cups : Try Moon cup then you'll hate Tampons ( )


Edited 16 June 2017

Tamilnadu government schools gets sanitary napkins free of cost and also dispenser.
This is a great thing .

இந்த வலை பூவில் சொன்ன பாதி கதை இந்த படத்துல இருக்கு...
There is Bollywood movie says the same story related to this blog
'புல்லு' படத்தின் டிரெய்லர்
'Phullu' Movie Trailer

ஏற்க்கனவே menstruation போஸ்ட் போட்டு அசத்துனேன் இல்லையா ?
அத நீங்க யாரும் கண்டுக்கல இல்லையா ?
இப்ப படமா வர போகுது...

Menopause ஆனா பிறகும் கூட பலர் menstruation பற்றி freeயா பேச பயப்படுறாங்க...
Freeயா பேசுங்க அப்போது தான் உங்க அடிப்படை தேவைகள் என்னான்னு எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிய வரும்... பற்றி freeயா பேச பயப்படுறாங்க...

Freeயா பேசுங்க அப்போது தான் உங்க அடிப்படை தேவைகள் என்னான்னு எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிய வரும்...

+krishna kumar G 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sex with Robots

This is the future science which help people to have sex with robots
It can reveal them from Psychological disorders ,

Robot Sex is not pure future technology it was just already there for more than 100 years in various forms of sex.Today having sex with dolls ,toys and Vibrators are commonly used by people around the world.
But in future Robot will give sexual pleasure more than humans it can just understand your desire from a touch or from your Heart beat or just watching your eyes .Robots can show you a perfect comfort levels in can try different positions which can't be imagined by humans.This will be obtained by future using Artificial intelligence technology .

Just we can buy a robot instead of having a friend/marrying a person which will take care of you in all sorts of hurdles you face.

Future Technology Robo Sex :

           Robots are unavoidable in future they will take part in your life at every moment.Matter of dealing with them and using them in our life is important. Sometimes it may act like a doctor in your home and can perform a surgery on emergency.It can guard your home without sleeping . It can help elderly people and their needs.Robots are already performing these kind of acts in techno households same way robots will perform sex with people its unavoidable.

Some already call its as Tecnosex and I call it as RoboSex .

Here is the future came nearer Virtual reality is the new technology with allows to watch porn in Virtual reality and have pleasure of sex during watching a porn movie.

Here is a image of New Chinese robot look alike a real person .Which would attract you and do your household works.Now you'll understand what I'm saying .

Edited :

A man fell in love and has sex with doll NY post .

A sex expert sleeps with world first Male doll  thehookmag

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Krishna Kumar G

Retiring in 30's Get retired in 30's

Retiring in 30's is Good to enjoy the rest of life but this is not possible for a common man.
In Today world most of the successful persons in life prefer retirement in 30's.
Once they have may started their career journey in early 20's or just a year back ago and they may have reached the heights above their limits and may have achieved everything in their life on age 30's and they spend rest of their life in travelling or with family, Most of the time given to enjoyment,relaxation and satisfaction.
Some prefer different life and they end their career/Jobs in 30's and they start their new journey which is out the ordinary working common people.
Retiring in 30's Not only the  amount of money you earned doesn't decides your retirement its just your passion decides .
In India People who usually goes for job mostly retire in age of 60 .
Retiring in 30's is a new era passion
just search yourself in internet "how to get retire in your 30's" you will find various answers which guides for retirement in 30's
on the goal it changes your ideas & passion which you are living in now .

I want to discuss some of their life stories in various links

Mr. Money Mustache


Many stories are there to tell to you but I don't like to waste my time on pasting links and redirecting you to those links .just you search in Google and you will find many more results.

Enjoy rest of your Life.

Being Frustrated

Can't able to Stop Crying
Yesterday I was being Hurted by Loved one
Till 1 am my eyes went on tears and in morning its continuing writing this with tears can't able to stop it.
My Heart is suffering in pain of love
loosing hope .

my life is in vain
I'm true
no one is understanding my feeling
I'm depressed and Alone.

Krishna Kumar G