Monday, December 8, 2014

Teachers Mobile Phones Banned

In few Tamilnadu Government Schools there is a system
When Teachers enters the school campus in morning ,They have to place their Mobile Phones in principal's room.
This System came due to Teachers using Mobile Phones during Class hours.Instead of Teaching to students most of the Teachers were Chating in social media,Mobile Apps and Talking in mobile phones for hours.
This is not official government rule or order but this is practiced by the Principal of each school or by District Education Officer.

Misuse became Mislead
        Even In My relatives I have 4 Teachers in government schools.They use to call me during school hours and I would ask them don't call me in school hours that would spoil children's education .Just call me if its Emergency only but they will make calls only on school hours and they would say they are free and no one will ask them but now (After September 2014) They are placing their Mobile Phones in Principal's Room when they enter the school campus even i can't able to call them if its any  emergency situation ,They pick up calls only in School Lunch Hours.This happened because they misused the given freedom wrongly.I have given only one Example with my relatives but several things were happening still many schools Teachers were using Social media during their class time.It should be Banned.If so it must be for Education purpose only.

What do you thing about it ?

If students are banned to use cell phones in Schools and colleges and why not Teachers Where They were respectively spending the same time inside Educational Campus.
If a student uses the Cell Phone it only distracts him/Her but what would happen if a Teacher using the Mobile phone in class Hours....? It will spoil the whole class and precious Time of Education.