Saturday, December 6, 2014

Girls/Women's are Bitter

I always feel Girls/Women's are seems to be bitter in taste but in real i don't know whether they are in what taste ?.(Not had sex with anyone it means I'm complete Virgin) & (Don't ROFL that's the funny Truth behind me ).
Instead I myself feel they are Bitter. (From their behavior with me still i have not seen a single sweet girl.)
Fit Bit Bitter my Life is still in Bitter.
and you don't need to worry I'm sure in future i will taste and say actually they are in what taste .....?
Expectations: She must be a right person with Character and behavior as sweet as possible.

What i will do if i get a bitter person ? (You may ask !)
I will add Salt,Pepper,Chilli powder,Turmeric Powder,Lime juice and make a pure Indian Masala flavor,Then i will cook it for myself. Then i will say you hows that ....!

Remember I have learned and Trained how to cook .........(character and behavior). and I'm little bit Salty too.